Well, another year has passed us by and we are about to begin a new decade – we wish you and your family the best.  If you are a frequent visitor to this site, you know we are strong advocate and believer in the golf shaft and what it can do for your game – a huge asset if you have one that fits your swing profile and a potential huge liability if using the wrong one.  So we’ve decided to compile the Best Golf Shafts for 2009′ based on our readership participation.

Below is the top 10 shafts of 2009′ per the Golf Gear Select popularity ranking.  Keep in mind both driver and irons shafts are combined for this post.  This an indication of the popularity of the shaft from our readers perspective only and not an indication of overall popularity from any other poll:

1. Fujikura Motore81% Popularity Ranking.

The most popular shaft review for 2009′ is the Motore.  This was turned out to be a gem of a shaft for Fujikura. Introduced early last year, the Motore proved to be one of the most popular shafts on tour.

2. Matrix Ozik53% Popularity Ranking.

Another highly popular shaft that’s been around a while.  If you can get past the price shock, this is one great shaft, worthy of a good hard look.

3. Mitsubishi Fubuki48% Popularity Ranking

Another new shaft that took off with a wide variety of player profiles.   Modulus Differential Technology (MDT) was the technical breakthrough for the shaft, making the shaft extremely responsive with great feel.

4. KBS Shaft47% Popularity Ranking.

The first iron shaft in the mix – KBS is for the better player looking for a premier “feel”.

5. Fujikura Motore Speeder45% Popularity Ranking.

The Motore Speeder is really gaining steam in 2009′ – another newcomer with a lot to offer the better player looking for reduced spin rates.

6. Aldila VooDoo40% Popularity Ranking.

Quite honestly, I’m a little surprised this one did not finish higher on the list.  Aldila marketed this shaft very keenly and the tour players gravitated to it.  The S-core technology proved to be a winner by most standards and the shaft did exceptionally well.

7. Rifle Flighted34% Popularity Ranking.

Next up, another iron shaft that has been around for some time and continues to garner good ratings.  The little brother of the famous and ever-popular Project X, the Flighted version adjusts kick point by loft allowing the average player optimal ball flights throughout the bag.

8. Nippon33% Popularity Ranking.

Another non-driver shaft taking a top honor.  Nippon is considered one of the best feeling iron shafts by many and continues to hold a strong presence on the LPGA tour.

9. Rifle Project X29% Popularity Ranking.

A tried and true players iron shaft – the Project X has a steady presence on the PGA Tour and continues to be a very popular shaft for the better player.

10. UST Proforce V224% Popularity Ranking.

The only UST shaft to make the top ten was the V2 – a very popular shaft for players looking for stability and reduced spin rates.

Well there you have it, our top ten best golf shaft for 2009′ by popularity.  We have some exciting things in store for next year for equipment reviews so please stop by soon to visit us.

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