Junior Golf Putter Double Sided Clubs for Kids – One of the Best Putters for Beginners

Getting into golf from an early age

Many children follow their parents around golf courses from an early age and automatically develop a passion for this great game. Kids of all abilities can be introduced to golf from a young age as it does not depend on fitness or natural ability. Do you have a child that loves to take an interest when you talk or play golf? Are you wanting to introduce your child to the wonders of this great game? If so you have come to the right place as the putting green is the best place for junior golfers to start – they will find putting on the green an easy place to learn good hand-eye coordination.  It makes sense to make a junior putter the first club in your child’s golf set, and the most important club for them to learn skills with initially. Choosing one of the best putters for beginners can be a wise decision to invest in.

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Golf is an excellent sport for kid’s fitness as an outdoor activity. This is because, during the play, one needs to move between the holes, swing the putters and clubs and carry the equipment around the golf course. This means that the children actually exercise their bodies without consciously knowing it. All the activities involved in the play are fun and accessible at the same time.

bestPGM Golf equipment

With all these health and social skills boosting benefits of Golf, you must be wondering where to find the right equipment for your child. We have the answer to your question, we believe we have found the best putter for beginners. PGM is a reliable and effective brand which produces clubs, putters and golf balls of all kinds. Be it clubs for kids; for men and women. They even produce golf balls, indeed PGM does it all. We love the way they do not compromise on the quality or craftsmanship of their equipment. So when looking for the best putter for beginners in the junior ranks, we could not go past the Junior Golf Putter Double Sided Club by PGM. It has been specially designed for kids and is extremely easy to use. Here are some of the reasons why we think it is the perfect introductory putter for children.

Light in weight:

Yes, you have read that right! You do not need to worry about your child carrying heavy equipment all around the golf course. The PGM’S Junior Golf Putter Club is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. The club weighs only 600 gm. Primarily because the shaft is crafted out of lightweight graphite. The head is composed of metal but it does not add significantly to the weight. The weight of this club allows younger children to be introduced to golf earlier and helps them use an appropriate club so they can improve and get better quickly.

best putter for beginners

Suitable for both genders

While many clubs out there are strictly designed for boys and sometimes girls, this one is suitable for both genders. From the color scheme to the feel of the club and performance, the club can be owned by any passionate junior Golfer, be it a girl or a boy.

Double-sided putter

Another feature which makes this club more and more appealing, and reinforces its position as perhaps the better putters for beginners, is that the head is double sided, meaning any side can be used to push the ball. This feature is excellent for the children who are just learning the basics of the golf. It is also available in 3 different lengths i.e. 25”, 27” and 29” to suit different age and height ranges. The grip is also excellent and the shaft can easily be gripped by smaller hands. All of these features combine together well to give the desired feel and feedback to the player. These features will help make the first hit of your young golfer a success.

Check price on Amazon Junior Golf Putter Clubs Double Side Club For Kids

Specs and features:

  • Length: 25″(for 3-5 years old, 90-110cm), 27″(for 5-8 years old, 110-130cm), 29′(for 9-12 years old, 130-150cm)
  • Weight:600g/pcs
  • Flex: Regular
  • Club Type: Putter
  • Gender: girl and boy
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Shaft Material: 100% Graphite Flex
  • Dexterity: Left Handed
  • Material for head: metal
  • color: gold and Silver
  • Grip: rubber
  • Grip color: hot pink/blue


  • Both sides can push the ball
  • Perfect for junior beginners
  • Can be used as a birthday gift for your kids
  • Light in weight hence easy to carry
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Available in different colors
  • Affordable by majority of consumers


  • Only designed for beginner level players
  • Left-handed dexterity might pose problems for right-handed users
  • Material not so durable, hence might not last long
  • Does not include head cover or carrying case


PGM is no doubt a reputable brand in the industry of Golf equipment. It is not a recent brand; rather, it has been producing clubs and putters for many years. Their quality and performance are always dependable, and many high-level golfers use this brand. However, it does not boost up the prices so it remains an affordable brand for everyone.

The Junior Golf Putter Double Sided Club is one of the leading putters in the market for the children. A sleek and well-crafted body with minimum weight, it delivers efficient strokes and to boost up the confidence of your young ones. So you need not worry about the heavy weight of traditional clubs and putters. It is well made and ideal for both girls and boys. It is worth mentioning here that a club as attractive and well performing will definitely increase the passion of golf and your child might become a golfing fan for life.

While all the features work well together for a great result for your child there are a few realities to face – the club is only for beginner level players, and once your child has learned the basics, he will need a new and better one, kids will grow out of its size. Moreover, its dexterity is left-handed; hence it is not suitable for everyone. Also, since the beginner level players will be using it, some provision should have been made for the protection from scratches and dents. However, no head cover or carrying case is provided. In addition, the graphite flex may not prove to be a durable material, hence the club is not a long lasting one. Fortunately, it is not an expensive club and can be replaced easily.

How to buy:

Surely, is it time to seriously consider this putter as one of the best putters for beginners?  How do you get your hands on this PGM Junior Golf Putter? Could this be the perfect birthday gift for your child? Click here to look closely at this junior putter option and other available comparisons.