The Proforce V2 from UST emerged on the scene and has been an extremely popular shaft, especially on the PGA Tour, since. Proforce V2 is designed for players seeking a flatter, more penetrating ball flight. The firm tip section produces a medium launch condition and increased ball speed. The shaft is known for its extremely low torque readings putting stability, consistency, and accuracy a premium.

The Proforce V2 definitely stands out in a crowd… you can easily recognize it on TV by the bright yellow and black. It’s a sharp looking shaft. Two of the players currently using the shaft include Rod Pampling and Davis Love III. Both have been a long-time user of the shaft with rave reviews.

UST claims the Proforce Tip Technology is the heart and soul of the shaft. The company engineers spent countless hours developing a proprietary method that earned desired launch angles and spin rates. Following the shaft introduction in 2005, the UST Proforce V2 has been one of the most popular shafts available on the market today.

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Actual Player Feedback-

“I have just replaced the factory shaft on my Taylor Made Burner with the 66gm Proforce V2 Stiff shaft. The most amazing transformation!”

“Finally I can control where the face of the club head will be on impact!”

“Driving Longer, Straighter and most importantly loving the game more!”

“Hello UST, Your shafts are the most stable, accurate and long shafts on the market.”

“Got a Titleist 905R with a ProForce V2 shaft and i have never hit that long and straight before!”


The Proforce V2 has unparalled stability and control. This is its strength and they’ve apparently passed the test as most all PGA tour players lay claim to control and consistency when playing with the shaft.


The only thing I could scrounge up negative about the shaft is it tends to feel “boardy” to some players.

Overall Rating-

This shaft is one of my personal favorites. The shaft is definitely one of the most consistent shaft available on the market. If you want control with a hefty dose of increased ball speed, try out the UST Proforce V2! Return to Golf Gear Select Home.

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