Mitsubishi Fubuki Overview/Technology-

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The Mitsubishi Fubuki has many exciting features that include Modulus Differential Technology (MDT), the technical component behind the shaft. MDT incorporates a revolutionary state of the art design consisting of high modulus material combined with specialized, responsive, pitch based fiber in and above the tip section. The shaft is classified as a mid to high kick point shaft with a somewhat generous Torque rating. Most importantly, the overall design allows for various materials to harmoniously work together to promote an enhanced feel and stability. Maybe equally important, MDT offers a significant reduction in golf shaft deformation and lag. This reduction makes it possible to see consistent spin reduction along with a more repeatable dynamic launch angle.

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The Fubuki has been in “protype” for a long time, longer than usual for a new anticipated shaft. This is somewhat speculation, but something tells me MRC has taken their time with this shaft only because they know they have something special here. The shaft has a fairly high torque reading, that coupled with a mid to high launch, tells me MRC has done a good job in controlling spin rate – their claim to fame with the Fubuki. This could be a huge shaft in 2009′ depending on how its marketed in the upcoming months.


As mentioned in the Pros/positives, the high torque and high launch is my main concern with faster/quicker swing speeds that want to use this shaft. But all indications are MRC has this under control with a controlled spin rate using their MDT technology.

Random Player Feedback-

“Fubuki delivers as advertised”

“Fubuki ballflight is just as everyone has stated, it launches to a mid to mid/high ballflight and just flattens out like it is hanging there”

Fubuki Specs –

Shaft Model Flex Lgth Wgt Tip OD Tip Torque Kick Pt.
FUBUKI 63 X 46 66 0.335 4 3.7 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 63 S 46 64 0.335 4 3.7 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 63 R 46 62 0.335 4 3.7 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 73 X 46 71 0.335 4 3.3 MID/HIGH
FUBUKI 73 S 46 69 0.335 4 3.3 MID/HIGH

Overall Rating Review-

The Mitsubishi Fubuki has seen widespread anticipation never before seen by a shaft along with confidence backing from some of the biggest names in golf. There is no reason to think the performance will not live up to the hype either. If your future has a new shaft for your driver, serious consideration should given to the Fubuki shaft. Return to Golf Gear Select Home.

If you have any insight to this shaft, please take a few moments to give your review – your time is greatly appreciated!

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