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The new Fujikura Motore F1 has burst onto the scene in grand fashion! The Motore maybe didn’t match

the hype of some of the other newcomers such as the Voodoo and Fubuki but nonetheless it has gained it’s share of acclaim and quietly gained it’s place a top shaft of 2009′.

The Motore’s big claim to fame? H.I.T. which stands for High Inertia Tip. This feature stores more energy during the downswing and subsequently releases it just before impact while keeping the overall stability of the golf shaft intact. This is quite impressive given the speed of the shaft. The end result? Higher ball speed = longer distance off the tee. Does this shaft perform as well as it looks?

“”We’re excited to introduce the Motore F1 Series line in Hawaii next month. After our off-season player testing, many PGA Tour pros are now playing the Motore shaft,” says Pat McCoy, Fujikura’s Tour Manager. “In

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”] Check price and availability here – Fujikura Motore F1 65 Driver Stiff Shaft

Fujikura Motore HIT

my 15 years of working with pros, this is truly the most positive reception to a new product introduction. In fact, at the PGA Tour Q-School, with just a handful of prototype designs, our Motore 80 HB became the leading model of hybrid shaft at the event.”

Fujikura Motore Promotion-

Motore Spec Sheet-

Motore Model Spin Launch Weight Torque
Motore 75 R Low Low/Mid 75 3.0
Motore 75 S Low Low/Mid 75 3.0
Motore 75 X Low Low/Mid 76 3.0
Motore 65 R2 Low Low/Mid 63 3.5
Motore 65 R Low Low/Mid 65 3.2
Motore 65 S Low Low/Mid 65 3.2
Motore 65 X Low Low/Mid 65 3.2
Motore 75 R2 Mid Mid 55 4.3
Motore 75 R Mid Mid 57 4.0
Motore 75 S Mid Mid 57 4.0
Motore 75 X Mid Mid 59 4.0

Actual Player Feedback-

“this shaft is the best shaft i have ever had in a driver the launch angle and spin rate are just awesome. Longest and straightest driver i have ever hit. It is worth ever penny”


Very stable shaft. This shaft will retain it’s characteristics for power/fast swingers. The H.I.T. technology has arrived and Fujikura has cornered the market.


This is no doubt, a high-end shaft with prices ranging from $220 to as high as $340! This will not be in reach for most golfers.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”] Check price and availability here – Fujikura Motore F1 65 Driver Stiff Shaft

Overall Rating-

The Fujikura Motore F1 should do well. It’s caters primarily to the better player with the low to mid launch, but I think many players could fit into this shaft. The best thing to do is demo this shaft and see for yourself.

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