Just a quick note about KBS origination before getting into the details of the shaft.  KBS shafts are of premium grade from FEMCO Steel Technology (FST) specifically from their head and original designer, Kim Braly.  Well known in the shaft industry, Braly is recognized for creating many of the popular designs used today.  No doubt KBS is a very well respected shaft, especially with the accomplished players.

KBS is a shaft made for the better player looking for a premier “feel”.  KBS has various flex, weight, and club options available to the golfer.  Advanced Moment of Inertia technology is at the heart of this shaft and is what really makes this shaft unique – step profile and shaft consistency is improved.  Therefore, KBS shafts touts an extremely smooth transfer of energy making this the true difference in the shaft.

Other attributes include ‘Oil-Quench’ tempering method which produces shafts that are arrow-straight from butt to tip.  Tapered tip construction to provide a solid metal-to-metal bond in the hosel provide exceptional feel.

KBS shafts are no stranger to the PGA tour either.  It’s been stated that as many as 40 or more players on the PGA Tour use KBS Tour shafts with 18 top 10 finishes!

Actual Player Feedback

“Very nice feel and way more steady and reliable that any on the market. Try IT! you will not regret it”

“The Perfect Shaft”


The KBS shaft is without a doubt, one of the best “feel” iron shaft available today.  The technology behind this shaft is second to none.  The advanced MOI technology is what separates this shaft from other steel shafts.


It’s not for everyone.  In fact, even FST/KBS recommends this for “accomplished” players only.

Overall Rating-

If you are looking for an inexpensive iron shaft for the average player, you probably would be better suited looking elsewhere.  But without a doubt, the KBS shaft is certainly one of the best iron shafts available and worthy of a good look.

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