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Do you lay awake at night dreaming about the perfect tee drive, or replay that missed putt in your head over and over again. Perhaps you play simply and love the freedom and release of hitting some balls on the driving range. Whether you are a serious golfer or just a weekend warrior, you are here because like us, you simply love golf.

My name is Alfie and together with my regular golfing buddy and great friend Jonson, we run and maintain this site with a passion we hope you will see, feel and understand. We specifically love to review new and old golf equipment, so you will find plenty of great equipment reviews here. It’s our hope that you will pick up useful information here that helps improve your game and the enjoyment of the game. We would also love you to check out our great sister site www.golfdrivershafts.com which has some amazing very specific review information on golf shafts in the market.

All true golfers are all on a journey to improve, enjoy themselves and have the perfect round. Golf is about friendship and being part of a bigger community. This is certainly true of us. Our golfing adventure started many years ago and today we love nothing more than getting out on course and hitting a low score. The perfect round to us is great company, a lovely day a low score and hitting as if the equipment is an extension of you.

We welcome you to our small online community and value greatly your feedback and thoughts. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the site we would love to hear from you also. So regardless of whether you prefer Callaway drivers, Mizuno irons or Nippon shafts, golfgearselect.com is the place to come if your passion for golf runs deep and you want helpful tips, reviews and information designed to give you the edge.

Happy golfing

Alfie and Jonson