Earlier last month, I submitted a review on the Fujikura E150 series, this week, I want to continue with this model, taking a closer look at the E200 Series, specifically the Fujikura E250, E260 and E270 shaft. The E200 series is a step up from the E100 series but provides the widest range of fitting. Basically the average golfer looking to improve will find this shaft alluring. Designed for a player looking for a mid launch, mid spin characteristics.

A closer look at the E200 Series-

Fujikura E250 – The weight ranges from 57-59 grams with a 4.2 torque. The E250 is designed for the average player looking to increase swing speed with a lighter shaft.

Fujikura E260 – The weight ranges from 66-68 grams. The 60 gram shaft is designed with a more stable shaft with a 3.9 Torque.

Fujikura E270 – The E270 is by far the most stable in the E200 family with a moderate 3.3 ~ 3.8 Torque reading. The E270 is for the better player looking for a lower ball flight.


A very stable shaft that accommodates a wide range of players. Great shaft, great name, great price.


“Exclusive to our network of charter dealers”, probably not one of Fujikura’s most accessible shaft.

Overall Rating-

An excellent all around shaft that fits the masses, the Fujikura E200 Series is a great all-around shaft. Whether it’s the lightweight E250, well rounded E260 or the tight spe E270, this shaft does well and would fit well in most all golfers bags.