The Four Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Getting started in any new venture in life can be extremely challenging. So much to learn, new skills to develop, new terminology to grasp. At times, it can seem daunting. Golf is no different. As beginner golfers, you are setting out on a journey that can be immensely rewarding, but the way you chart your course at the beginning can have a big impact on how well you do down the road and how much fun you have along the way.

One of the earliest decisions you will face is the selection of the right golf clubs to use. Which driver to choose, and which irons, wedges, and putter? The choices can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. How do you find the best golf drivers for beginners?

Our mission with this article is to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to one of the more important clubs that you will be buying…the driver.

What are the features beginners should look for in a driver?

By far and away, the feature that is most important for beginners is forgiveness. There are different levels of drivers on the market, differentiated primarily by what amount of proficiency the golfer has. Some drivers are designed to target highly skilled and stronger golfers. Other drivers are focused on newer or higher-handicap golfers. As a beginner, you should steer well clear of the former and zero in on the latter. Beginner drivers are designed and built with forgiveness in mind. This is extremely important in helping new golfers to hit the ball better and to enjoy the game more.

What gives a beginner driver forgiveness?

Professionals and highly skilled amateurs usually hit the precise “sweet spot” on the face of their driver. Obviously, that kind of strike will produce the best results. Beginners and other less-skilled amateurs, on the other hand, often struggle to make center-face contact, striking the ball higher or lower on the club face, or more toward the heel or toe of the club. Any time you hit the ball somewhere other than on its sweet-spot, you will experience some level of degradation in the shot. Most of the time, this will manifest itself in a significant loss of distance and accuracy.

The best golf drivers for beginners incorporate specific features that minimize the effects of these off-center hits and produce added distance and accuracy. These features include things like:

* A lowered center of gravity (COG) and higher lofts, both of which will provide a higher launch of the ball.

* A wider club face to effectively expand the sweet spot.

* A high Moment of Inertia (MOI), which restricts the club face from twisting due to an off-center hit, resulting in straighter shots.

* An adjustable driver head, to enable every golfer to dial in the optimal loft angle, the proper face angle, and the ideal placement of weight in the head.

So you’re ready to shop. What are the best golf drivers for beginners?

We’ve reviewed most of the drivers that are available in the marketplace, and have selected the ones that we feel are the best for beginner golfers. All of these drivers have the forgiveness features mentioned previously, and we have presented the top-rated ones across several different entry price levels.

Best Budget Driver for Beginners

Pinemeadow PGX Offset

For those beginners looking for their first driver who would like to stay within a very manageable budget, you can’t go wrong with this club from Pinemeadow Golf. What makes this model unique among all the others is the use of “offset” in the driver head. Offset is a feature in which the face of the driver is set back slightly from the hosel so that, when looking down at it, the face appears a bit right of the shaft. Offset helps golfers to square the club more easily, and to limit the amount of slice spin that they impart to the ball. Many golfers have reported that this driver has eliminated their slice altogether.


* The offset is the most important feature of this driver. Beginners will benefit from this game improvement feature.

* The club head is a sizable 460 cc’s. Large club heads like this are not only confidence-inspiring, but they also serve to expand the sweet-spot.


* A small number of PGX users have reported that, while they are delighted with the reduction in their slice, they have experienced a small loss of distance.

Check here for pricing and additional information on the Pinemeadow PGX Offset driver.


Best Mid-Priced Driver for Beginners (1)

Cobra King F7

Chances are you’re familiar with the Cobra name. Ever since both Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson became Cobra-sponsored PGA tour players, the brand has skyrocketed in popularity. The Cobra King F7 driver has been an extremely popular driver, due in large part to the

impressive forgiveness it provides on mis-hits. Users of the King F7 comment on the exceptional feel that it has, along with the very pleasing sound it makes at impact. In addition to several other adjustability features, Cobra has included three adjustable weights on the sole of the club that users can re-position until they find the placements for them that provide the best ball flight. Finally, Cobra has included an innovation on the King F7 that is totally unique and very interesting. They have partnered with a company called Arccos to integrate shot tracking technology into the grip of the club. They call this “Cobra Connect” and you can use your smart phone to extract data on your drives that this sensor has collected (average driving distance, number of fairways hit, etc.).


* The Cobra King F7 is a very forgiving club, with several features that minimize the negative effects of mis-hits.

* The head size is 460 cc’s, which gives you the perception that there is a lot of mass behind the ball.

* The “Cobra Connect” shot tracking capability is totally unique to this driver.


* The King F7 offers solid, reliable and consistent distance. Some golfers have said that they would prefer to see a little more distance, however.

Check here for pricing and additional information on the Cobra King F7 driver.


Best Mid-Priced Driver for Beginners (2)

Cleveland Launcher HB

Are you a golfer that has never totally bought in to the concept of adjustability in a driver head? Many golfers nowadays like to be able to tweak the settings on their driver until they find the ideal set up for them. However, there are many others who prefer the simplicity and sleeker look of a more traditional, non-adjustable driver. The Cleveland Launcher HB is that driver. Simple, straightforward, clean. And judging by its popularity, there’s a large segment of golfers that feel that way. But don’t let that simplicity fool you into thinking this driver lacks for modern technology. The Launcher HB is loaded with forgiveness features, such as a lowered center of gravity that enhances launch angle and a re-working of the sole that functions like a spring to boost ball speeds off the face. Beginners will also like the very light overall weight of the club, enabling them to gain a few extra miles per hour of swing speed. This is a no-nonsense driver that really delivers.


* The Launcher HB is a very forgiving club, with several features that minimize the negative effects of mis-hits.

* Performance is what you would expect from a club called the Launcher: drives carry high and long.

* The overall light weight of this driver will please many golfers who can benefit from a little faster swing speed.


* This driver doesn’t have the adjustability features that many of the other models have.

Check here for pricing and additional information on the Cleveland Launcher HB driver.


Best High-End Driver for Beginners

Ping G400 Max

The G400 max is an ideal club for the beginner golfers looking for maximum forgiveness, and longer and straighter drives. It incorporates all of the features we discussed above, and has received almost universal praise in the market for its playability. It has the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) of any driver in the Ping family, an important feature in enabling the club face to resist “twisting” when there is an off-center hit. That means drives go straighter, even when you hit the ball somewhere other than on the sweet spot. The G400 Max has a 460 cc head, and importantly, has its Center of Gravity (CG) low in the head to maximize the launch angle. Its head is designed in an aerodynamic shape too, another effort to offer its users a faster swing speed. This driver is highly recommended for beginner golfers who can afford the somewhat higher price tag.


* The Ping G400 Max features a strategically placed 16g tungsten weight on the sole that positions the center of gravity lower in the club head. This increases the launch angle of your shots.

* The large head size (460 cc) will inspire confidence in beginners. It has been aerodynamically engineered to reduce drag and deliver higher overall club head speed.

* The G400 Max is loaded with forgiveness features.


* Some golfers have commented on the louder sound that the club makes at impact.

Check here for pricing and additional information on the Ping G400 Max driver.



Golf can be a competitive outlet for some, and a social experience for others. But one thing common to all golfers is that we play the game for fun and we want it to be enjoyable. One of the things that will increase your fun factor the most is simply by playing better golf. A key way to do this: get clubs that are designed to make the game easier for you or in this case find the best golf drivers for beginners and get one! The drivers highlighted above will make you a better golfer, get yours today and hit the course to improve. Now that sounds like fun.