Aldila VooDoo Technology/Overview

This is a HOT new shaft by Aldila. And at the heart of the new VooDoo shaft is the new S-core technology — a patent-pending stabilized core technology. The S-core boasts a high modulus carbon stabilization rib running the length of the shaft. The technology’s sole purpose is to increase distance and accuracy through stabilizing the shaft’s cross section. The technology has been reported to increase the shaft’s hoop strength by as much as 80% over conventional graphite shafts and as much as 60% over competitors.

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The stabilization of the shaft significantly reduces ovaling and deformation. The end result? Maximization of energy transfer. And the rest is history. The Voodoo shaft has become a distance herculean.

The Voodoo has become one of the most anticipated shafts in quite some time. And with good reason. Aldila has been extensively testing the shaft using the major tours to prove its worth. The results have been impressive at a minimum.

Player Profile-

Definitely geared for the stronger player looking for optimal ball trajectory, feel and consistent flex. The shaft has been extremely successful on trial runs on the PGA and Nationwide tours.

Notables that Play the Aldila NV shaft-

Boo Weekly was the latest to use the Voodoo – led US to the first Ryder Cup in almost a decade! Geoff Ogilvy also plays the Voodoo.

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The new S-core technology has been unshaken by sturdy tests on the PGA Tour this summer. For a shaft to do this well on the most difficult test (PGA), that tells me a lot of the shaft and how well the shaft will actually do once it gets in full swing. There has been much ballyhoo for this shaft and Aldila thinks it will lay claim to a major market share.


Well the only one I could come up with is the anticipation and hoopla over this new shaft may make it hard to live up to. Really nothing thus far, and a number of PGA-er’s have tried it extensively in 2008′.

Player Comments-

None yet – still too early. Come back later for comments from players using the Voodoo shaft!

Overall Review Rating-

The Aldila VooDoo, bay all indications will live up to its much-hyped introduction. Aldila is just starting to roll out the Voodoo its distribution network. Therefore, you will soon see this much heralded shaft very soon. You’ll definitely want to check back for more review details on the Voodoo shaft. Stay tuned! Return to Golf Gear Select Home.

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