Matrix Ozik Overview/Technology

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The Matrix OZIK shaft hasn't been around long but that short time, Matrix has gained a wide earned respect for being a premier golf shaft maker.

images-1In fact, many people may not know this, but Matrix has more PGA tour players in the Top 10 than any other. And, 3 of the Top 10 players use Matrix. I bolded those two sentences because even I had to take a double-take... impressive. One would think this stat would belong to a Fujikura or Aldila. Nope. Matrix OZIK claims to have more golfers in the Top 10 of the world than any other shaft maker!

Technology consists of three major aspects, Deformation of Energy Analysis, Gradient Energy Flow Design, and Angular Velocity Fulcrum butt design. Collectively, they make the OZIK what it is today, a solid shaft made for today's high MOI drivers. Deformation of Energy Analysis a a method for evaluating how a shaft construct relates to performance. The technology is deep into physics, or Power= Torque times Angular Velocity, or... speed that mass rotates around an axis. Matrix thesis is that most shaft are deformed and lost through the shaft's design. Not so with Matrix, OZIK. End result is more energy is transferred at the right time at the right place. Gradient Energy Flow tip is a design that allows the shaft to be more stable at impact resulting in higher MOI (good thing). This result in a high launch, lower sping combination that helps the golfer promote a better launch. Angular Velocity Fulcrum butt design steals an idea from the Archer in that energy is built in the butt section and releases in the mid section greatly increasing the energy to the clubhead and ball.

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Matrix OZIK Spec Sheet

Matrix OZIK XCON F L Wt Launch Tip Spin Tq Tip


Matrix OZIK XCON 5 L,A 46 55 High Firm Low 4.3 3.5
Matrix OZIK XCON 5 R,F 46 57 High Firm Low 4.3 3.5
Matrix OZIK XCON 5 S 46 59 High Firm Low 4.0 3.5
Matrix OZIK XCON 5 X 46 60 High Firm Low 4.0 3.5
Matrix OZIK XCON 6 A 46 65 High Firm Low 2.5 3.0
Matrix OZIK XCON 6 R,F 46 67 High Firm Low 2.5 3.0
Matrix OZIK XCON 6 S,SG 46 68 High Firm Low 2.5 3.0
Matrix OZIK XCON 6 X,XX 46 69 High Firm Low 2.5 3.0
Matrix OZIK XCON 7 R,F 46 76 High Firm Low 2.4 3.0
Matrix OZIK XCON7 S,SG 46 78 High Firm Low 2.4 3.0
Matrix OZIK XCON 7 X,XX 46 79 High Firm Low 2.4 3.0

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Actual Player Feedback-

"I have been converted to the Matrix Ozik line of shafts from my beloved Diamanas. Despite my previous efforts at not liking the Matrix Ozik shafts, the X Con line has won me over"

"The ball seems to hang in the air while still going further, it comes down with a shallow angle of descent for decent roll"


The Matrix OZIK XCON, also called X-Axis Control shaft. "This shaft is built for high launch, low spin ball flights" says Matrix and by all counts, they are spot on, take a look at the specs and how the Torque and Launch stays constant throughout the models.


There is very little variety in the Torque and Launch specs. But for the most part, this is by design. Matrix has adopted the High(er) Launch Low(er) Torque shaft for a reason.

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Two very big thumbs up on the Matrix OZIK. The pure fact that 3 out of 10 PGA tour players use the shaft, tells me it's for real. If you are looking for a high launch, low spin shaft to elevate your game, this is a shaft definitely worth looking at. Return to Golf Gear Select Home.

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