Rifle Project X Overview/Technology-

The Rifle Project X is probably the most popular steel shaft amongst the more accomplished players. Royal Precision was the creator of the Project X technologies but is now owned and operated by True Temper, another well known and popular shaft maker.

Player Profile-

The Project X, as mentioned, is a well established shaft among PGA tour players. It has not caught on with recreational, mid to high handicappers. This is probably due to a) this group is not well versed on how important the golf shaft yet or does not put their emphasis in shafts, b) the shaft is or at least was, geared for the better player. This because prior to the Flighted technology, this shaft was not a shaft that was forgiving. We will tackle the Flighted Rifle shafts in another review.

Positive Takeaways– boasts 4 technological advances, found only in the Project X. A Stepless design allows to eliminate “energy robbing” steps allowing for more energy at impact. Frequency Matching allows for “consistent” flex in every swing. MicroTaper eliminates weak points in the shaft by creating a “step” that is more durable and more efficient at transferring energy. Flighted, as mentioned, provides a change in kick point by loft providing an optimal launch.

Negative Takeaways – from an advanced player’s perspective, there are very few if any! The Stepless design is one of the things I especially like.

Player Comments-

“I tried the project x 6.0 today in callaway x20 tours and I loved them”

“These shafts are the best shafts to date i have tryed and i tryed a lot. Penetrating ball flight, good respons. Highly recommended.”

“Nothing better out there. #1. If spined and matched, ball fligt is so sweet and so straight it hurts!”

“When you want to improve your game, no matter what set of Irons you are hitting, you have look to your shafts to help you go to that next level. The Project X iron will definitely help you go there.”

Overall Review Rating – As you can probably tell, I am partial to this shaft. The Project X has stood the test of time. Royal Precision has really put some nice technologies to provide an all-around great steel shaft. But as always, a fitting will truly tell you if you will fit into a Project X shaft.

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