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Rifle Flighted shafts conceptually is one of logic over frills. It is obvious the wedges are for dial-in shots where accuracy is a premium and longer irons are for getting the ball airborne where distance is a premium. Well, the Royal Precision has overcome all obstacles and laid it all on the line with their Flighted shafts combining the best of both worlds – accuracy and distance.

The Rifle shafts, including the Project X incorporate three technologies that make up the most advanced steel shaft in the game – Frequency Matching, Stepless Design, and of course Flighted technologies. All three technologies complement one another. But it is the Flighted technology that has arguably stood out as the biggest impact for steel shafts.

Flighted technology in its simplest form, is the innate characteristics of a shaft that allow it to “change bend or kick point” according to loft to attain optimal launch and trajectory. A lower kick point, higher launch for long irons and higher kick point, lower launch for the shorter irons.

Above, is a chart that depicts the flighted technology as it relates to the club loft (click image to enlarge).

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Player profile-

These shafts are designed for the low to mid handicappers that put a premium on accuracy and distance. They expect accuracy inside 100 yards but may have a problem getting the longer irons airborne and are unwilling to sacrifice the feel and accuracy of steel for graphite.

Player Feedback-

“I love these shafts”

“I reshafted my MP 37 with Royal Precision Rifle Flighted Iron 4.5 shaft through the whole set. I love the feel, ball flight, and distance this shaft gives me with every shot.”

“The ball gets up quickly and goes to where I wanted them to go. Even mishits were only slightly off target, which was what I was hoping to see”


Again, this shaft has many positives not found in regular steel shafts. The efficient energy transfer coupled with a soft feel give this shaft many benefits over the average steel shaft.


Probably not for everyone. This shaft fits a smaller profile but a profile that is very adamant on improving their game.

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Overall Rating-

The Rifle Flighted shaft as mentioned is not for everyone but for who it does fit will be very happy with it. To get a better understanding on Rifle Flighted shaft technology check out my full article. For those willing to chance on shaft a bit unconventional but yet proven, this one is definitely one looking at.

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