ACCUFlex who? That may be the sentiment for golfers that don’t keep the pulse of the latest golf equipment. ACCUFlex is one of those companies that keep a low profile. They can run but they can’t hide though – all avid golfers know all about ACCUFlex. The ACCUFlex Evolution is probably their best known and popular shafts, best known for the Long Drive Championship winnings.

The ACCUFlex Evolution utilizes Nano technology and actually was one of the first to use Nano Tubes, a highly effective way of keeping the shaft denser with fewer voids. The end result? A much stronger material with less weight – a deadly combination for heavy hitters.

The ACCUFlex is a low torque (around 2.8) with a mid-flex point. This results in a low, penetrating ball flight, perfect for the person looking for such a ball flight. ACCUFLEX suggests those with higher swing speeds and a later release are best suited to the Evolution.

Actual Player Feedback-

“Fairway Finding Machine”

“Accuflex Evolution is a great shaft for an aggressive hitter”

“Evolution could be a double eagle!”


An absolute killer shaft for heavy hitters. Very stout shaft made for the big dogs.


It’s not for the faint heart. If you are an average swinger looking for a high launch, you are best to look elsewhere. This shaft is best suited for aggressive swingers.

Overall Rating-

Very nice shaft made specifically for the heavy swinger with better tahn average club head speed with a late release. The ACCUFLex Evolution plays very true to flex. If you are in between a regular or stiff, you are probably better airing on the side of caution and sticking with the Regular. Put the ACCUFlex Evolution on your list of shafts to try.