We are going to kick off our 2010′ shaft reviews a little early with the new Project X Graphite driver shaft has been a major highlight and somewhat of a pleasant surprise for True Temper.  It was a first-time winner on the PGA tour recently at Volvo World Match Play.  That was the start of something very good and continues to be the talk of the new up and coming shafts.

Where do we start – all I can say is this shaft will become very popular – we predict.  It already is used by a number of PGA Tour players have been rumored to either use or try the shaft including Bo Van Pelt, Camilo Vegas, David Toms and Jason Gore.  True Temper introduced the Project X Graphite driver and hybrid at the same time since they come from the same mold.

Both the Project X Graphite driver and hybrid are engineered using the Zonal Design Theory or ZDT.  This is a True Temper proprietary technology which divides the shaft into three distinct zones.  The Butt, Mid and tip sections make up the three zones, with each optimized for performance using a design technology specific to the zone.

Butt Section is made up of sectional stability minimizing energy from a Hex-Axial Reinforcement Technology.  This technology ultimately is responsible for minimizing energy loss from “ovalization.”

Mid Section is designed for even loading and unloading for maximum energy transfer.

Tip Section is Elongated for a firmer tip which minimizes Droop and Lag and reduces spin.

Here’s what Players are saying about the Project X Graphite-

“WOW! Better distance and dispersion than the RIP 70x… I LOVE the Project X!!!

Put an X7A3 in my Nike Tour Square. -400 rpms Backspin added 11 yards..tighter dispersion & better LM #’s than Oban Devotion 7″

An inside look at the Project X Graphite:

Who’s it for?

The Project X Graphite driver shaft is definitely for the high-end player looking to reduce spin and penetrating ball flight.  Mind you, it’s not for the average recreational player – you would be best served looking for a higher launching shaft.

Project X Graphite Models-

Model Weight Frequency Flex
6A3 69 7.0 Mid
6A4 69 7.0 Stiff
6B6 69 6.5 Mid
6B7 69 6.5 Stiff
7A3 76 7.0 Stiff
7A4 78 7.0 Mid
7B2 76 6.5 Mid
7B3 76 6.5 Stiff
8A1 82 7.0 Mid
8A2 82 7.0 Stiff
8A3 83 7.0 X-Stif


No doubt about it, the Project X Graphite is a high-end shaft that better players will love.  The ultra low spin combined with a stiff tip and soft mid section will allow players to have a very strong angle of attack to “go after” drives without loosing them.


A fairly small market, geared for strong players or at least better players.

Overvall Rating-

The Project X Graphite Driver shaft will be without a doubt, one of the more popular shafts for 2010′ – “The Evolution and Innovation never stop.”  Even though it was introduced this year, it will really take off in 2010′ as a shaft for better players looking to optimize their ball flight and reduce spin.  Look out!

Please stop by as we will provide updates to the Project X Graphite.

For more information on the Project X Graphite: http://www.pxshaft.com/pxshaft/index.asp

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