Rifle Flighted Technology Explained

Rifle has become a premier shaft in golf. No doubt about it, Rifle has been a major players, especially in the steel shaft market for quite some time.  And chances are, it will remain steadfast to the top shaft.  Most golfers that understand the importance of shaft technology take the time to research a shaft before putting it in their bag.  Rifle Flighted is a recent technology introduced by Royal Precision and used in their premier shaft, Project X.  Let’s take a quick look at this very ingenious and rather underrated technology.

The Rifle shafts, including the Project X incorporate three technologies that make up the most advanced steel shaft in the game – Frequency Matching, Stepless Design, and of course Flighted technologies.  All three technologies complement one another.  But it is the Flighted technology that has arguably stood out as the biggest impact for steel shafts.

Flighted technology in its simplest form, is the innate characteristics of a shaft that allow it to “change bend or kick point” according to loft to attain optimal launch and trajectory.  A lower kick point, higher launch for long irons and higher kick point, lower launch for the shorter irons.

Below, is a chart that depicts the flighted technology as it relates to the club loft.

Rifle Flighted Technology

Rifle Flighted Technology

Why is this important?  Have you ever tried to consistently hit a 3, 4 or even 5 iron only become frustrated at the ball trajectory (too low) or the difficult to launch the ball?  This is a very common problem for us all.  Flighted technology allows both the trajectory and launch to become easier and as an end result, optimal trajectory follows, for all lofts.

As previously mentioned, Flighted technology is now present in the very popular Project X shaft.  This advancement is one of many that allowed the Project X to be accessible by all players, all skill levels.  The Project X is no longer “only for the better player.”  All skill levels can enjoy this shaft due to advancements such as Flighted  Technology.

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Project X Flighted Shaft

Project X Flighted Shaft

Written by Dan DeRoeck

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