Titleist 909 Overall/Technology-

The Titleist 909 driver is the new in 2008′ and already has a major following amongst elite PGA tour players that include the likes of Adam Scott, Ben Crane, Steve Stricker and Zach Johnson to name a few. Titleist has earned a reputation for catering to the “better” player. This is obvious since the game improvement clubs are almost non-existent line in the Titleist product line.

The Titleist 909 comes in three models, the 909DComp, 909D2, and 909D3. Titleist uses desired launch and optimal spin rate measurements to correctly fit players into a model. Below is a brief summary of each model:

The Titleist 909 DComp is a 460 cc multi-material titanium and composite driver that promotes a high launch and low to mid spin. This model is for the better player looking for higher launch and lower spin rates to promote control and added distance. The 909 DComp comes with a choice of either the Matrix Ozik XCON-5 or Ozik XCON-6 shaft.

The Titleist 909 D2 is a 460 cc titanium driver that promotes a mid launch with a low to mid spin. This driver is geared for the accomplished player looking for a lower launch (lower than the 909 DComp) while keeping spin rates at bay. The 909 D3 comes with a choice of either the Diamana Blue 65 or Aldila VooDoo shaft.

The Titleist 909 D3 is a 440 cc titanium driver with a mid launch and low spin rate that is also geared for the accomplished player. The 909 D2 creates a low and deep Center of Gravity (CG) that in turn reduces spin and creates a higher Momentum of Inertia (MOI), all with the intent of promoting longer, straighter drives. The 909 D2 also comes with a choice of either the Diamana Blue 65 or Aldila VooDoo shaft.

First, a couple of sales blurbs from Titleist (albeit pretty good:)-

This is a good overview video of the Titleist 909 driver.


The Titleist 909 is definitely geared for the stronger player looking for feel, control and distance. The driver is proven amongst the best players in the world, the trust in this driver unwavering… this carries over to the better recreational ranks.


The only one is the market for this driver is diminished to the mid handicapper and up. This limits the driver to a very few in the grand scope of things. It’s not to say this driver would not benefit the higher handicapper, but they would probably be better off with a different driver. This is a driver suited for the better player.

Actual Player Feedback-

“909D2 fits the bill for me especially when combined with the high quality diamana or voodoo shafts available as stock shafts”

“Having a bigger than usual sweet spot for a Titleist gives you added confidence to commit to the swing with positive results being majority factor”

Overall Rating Review-

What can you say, its a Titleist. Titleist has earned a stellar reputation of producing golf clubs for the golfing purist. The Titleist 909 is no exception. It’s a great driver that will reward the better player off the tee. To return to Golf Gear Select Home.