The Wilson Dd6 driver is known for essentially two things, forgiveness and distance. If you are looking for one or both of these sought-after attributes, well, you’ve probably hit pay dirt.

The Staff Dd6 uses an ETF frame which captures energy and focuses it toward the face, doubling the size of the Maximum COR Hot Zone. Furthermore, the rear-positioned “L-Pods” deliver a very higher launch angle, very suitable for the better than average golfer looking for these traits off the tee.

The Wilson Dd6 driver uses primarily two technologies to make this driver what it is today:

ETF Technology

Redirects energy back to the club face doubling the max “COR hot zone”


Low and back weight position re-distributes the CG for higher launch angle.

Actual Player Feedback-

I just bought the Wilson Staff Dd6. It is amazing. It looks great and feels good to hold”

“very forgiving, almost too forgiving as it isn’t easy to feel a perfect centre hit”


Plus, the acclaimed Aldila NVS shaft comes standard with the Dd6 driver, a good match made in heaven.  The Aldila NVS is a great shaft for players looking for a higher launch with a great “feel”.


There’s been reports to having a slightly “muted” sound.  So if you like a loud pop, keep this mind when it trying it out.  Probably not the best driver for the average or high handicapper.

Overall Rating-

There is no doubt, that the Wilson Dd6 driver is perfect for the player seeking the combination of distance and forgiveness would find the Wilson Dd6 very inviting. The 460cc head coupled with the things most players look for to increase distance and forgiveness will find the Dd6 very alluring.