The Nike Dymo and Nike Dymo2 is definitely an attempt by Nike to significantly optimize launch and spin rates based on loft.  Nike PowerBow Weighting Technology allows the center of gravity (COG) to be placed where it’s most needed, by loft.  The lower the loft, the more forward and higher the COG, allowing for a more penetrating ball flight.  The higher the loft, the deeper and lower the COG, allowing for increased spin rates and generous launch results.

By all indications of the reviews, Nike has done well with the Dymo.  However, even though the #1 player in the world plays this driver, it does not necessarily mean it serves the mere mortals well.  So let’s take a closer look at this driver.

The Nike Dymo has four models – Dymo, Dymo2, Dymo STR8-Fit, and the Dymo2 STR8-Fit.  The basic differences between the two models (less the STR8-Fit) is one of shape, or as Nike puts it Round or Square Geometry.  The Dymo2 has a square-shape and the Dymo is more conventional in nature.  The Square is supposedly more “straight” while the round allows more shot shaping.  The STR8-Fit is a shaft adapter and hosel fitting system that allows the player to adjust the shape of his shot through a change in the setting, to up to 8 different shot shapes, Draw to Fade.

Actual Player Feedback-

“I was playing with the Ping Rapture driver and when i tried this driver i just had to get it great club gained 15yds on my drives. Its well worth the money”

“best driver i’ve had by far”


This driver is made for the masses for sure.  The technology that went into this club definitely allows the average golfer to make strides in both accuracy and distance off the tee.  The PowerBow Weighting Technology definitely puts this driver on the map and worthy of consideration.


The stock shaft, the UST Wide Body with AXIV core is questionable.  Even though it is a lightweight shaft made by one of the best shaft manufacturers, having only one shaft option, in my opinion, severely limits the capability of this driver.

This is a nice review of the Nike Dymo-

Overall Rating-

The Nike Dymo and Nike Dymo2, along with the added feature STR8-Fit is definitely worth a look.  Given that Nike has top-notch R&D, you are assured they will come out with decent products.