The Wilson Spine really, came out of nowhere and is now considered to be a very viable option for exceptional power.

The Spine is powered by an unique crown super-structure and perimeter weighting system.  Spine generates a very high MOI with explosively long and accurate results. This year, the Spine driver offered 12° Offset driver.

According to Wilson “The Spine achieves high MOI and low CG by redistributing weight from the center of the crown to the perimeter. The result is the industry’s first truly perimeter weighted driver with a higher MOI and lower CG than traditional 460cc drivers.”

Watch this video on the Wilson Spine-

Actual Player Feedback-

“ridiculously easy, it’s like cheating! went through a bucketful of balls at the range yesterday and all went straight and long, even shot’s that were way off the speetspot flew away okay. no slices anymore”

“The wilson Spine driver is one of the best I have hit!”

“Very long and straight the face seems alittle smaller than some but drives the ball well!”


The Spine is definitely definitely a driver that covers many levels of play, especially the average player – the 12 degree Offset model provides even more depth for the weekend warrior.  The exceptional high MOI coupled with a low CG provides exceptional balance and power.


The odd or, shall I say unique shape may not fit everyone’s eyes, especially at address.

Overall Rating-

Very good driver, one that has sort of taken on a life of its own.  The player feedback has been very positive.  The Spine achieves high MOI and low CG, making the Wilson Spine truly a well distributed and powerful driver.

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