Graphite Design YS+ Overview/Technology-

YS+ shaft is considered by Graphite Design as their flagship shaft, broken down into 4 categories, YS-5+, YS-6+, YS-7+ and the new YS-Hybrid+.

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The YS-5+ is the lightest shaft and designed for golfers with slower club head speeds looking for a lighter weight shaft to increase club speed to add distance. The shaft possesses a low-mid kick point that promotes a higher launch generating more ball speed to lengthen drives.

The YS-6+ is probably the most popular YS+ series shafts, mostly because it provides the best feel for players with good club head speed but yet demand accuracy.

The YS-7+ is the heaviest YS series shaft and designed for the very strong player with fast club head speed. It’s low torque, high kick point. Also probably the most popular Graphite Design shaft on tour, claiming 45 victories on the PGA, Nationwide, Champions, Japan and LPGA tours collectively! This shaft is more geared for the stronger player with decent club head speed. The Kick point is higher than the YS-5+ demanding a stronger player.

The YS-Hybrid+ is a new 85 gram shaft designed specifically for utility clubs.

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Player Profile- The shaft is well-suited for all types of golfers. That’s what makes this shaft so popular and well rounded. The mid-high handicapper or slower swing speeds should lean toward the YS-5+ shaft while the better player would benefit most from either the YS-6+ or YS-7+ shaft, depending on what’s more important to you. The YS-6+ would provide more feel while the YS-7+ would provide optimal ball trajectory providing your swing could muster the speed.

Positive- A well-rounded shaft that doesn’t deter any type of golfer. Most anyone could “fit” into this shaft very well.

Negatives- None.

Player Comments-

“Always have thought of this shaft as an everyman’s shaft, almost anybody could play this shaft and get good results”

“This shaft can hold most golfers swing if it is smooth and dynamic”

“i like its stiffness and stability even when you want to give all you have”

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Overall Review Rating- Great shaft with balance, feel, and power all packaged into a shaft that doesn’t get the attention as some of the more marketed shafts. But the YS+ series shafts are every bit as good and in some cases better than their competitors. But as always, a fitting will truly tell you if you will fit into a Graphite Design YS+5, YS+6, or YS+7 shafts.

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