The Graphite Design Pershing is designed to match the swing profiles of a wide variety of players. The end result is a well-balanced golf shaft that many players have an opportunity to use with success. The Pershing is quite possibly one of the most underrated shafts – a high performance shaft at a very reasonable price.

The Pershing shaft line provides a perfect match for today’s large club heads. The variety of shaft weights and two available tip diameters make it suitable for any size driver or fairway wood for that matter. The combination of low-to-mid kick points and torque ranging from 3.0 to 4.5, there is a Pershing shaft available for a wide variety of players that will optimize proper launch angles and spin characteristics.

Actual Player Feedback-

“wonderful shaft that is very under rated”

“my golf life has never been the same since”

“A great and butt kicking shaft, that has netted me the envy of my group for distance/accuracy, and looks”


A very versatile shaft that will fit many swing profiles. Also, a reasonably priced shaft for the masses looking for a versatile shaft.


Very little marketing done on this shaft has made it a virtual unknown to the golfing masses.

Overall Rating-

Again, the Graphite Design Pershing is one of the most underrated shafts on the market. The wide variety of weights, torques and even trajectories, makes this shaft easy to fit into, definitely worth putting on your list to try.