The Graphite Design Aura is quite possibly the only shaft that literally will fit into any swing frequency. Each Aura features a unique dynamics profile that is suitable for a particular swing. The Aura has 4 models to choose from, each noted by a color.

Red = Power | Pro Launch | Do you need better ball spin? | Low Torque | Low Trajectory
Gold = Strength | Mid Launch | Do you need better accuracy? | Mid Torque | Mid Trajectory
Blue = Consistency | High Launch | Do you need more distance? | High Torque | High Trajectory
Green = Balance | High Launch Plus | Do you need more carry? | Highest Torque | Highest Trajectory

Each color represents suitable for a swing profile – from Red (accomplished player looking for performance and control) to Green (players looking for launch, distance and carry). The Aura is a very versatile shaft sure to please most player demands.

Actual Player Feedback-

I have a guy with 110 swing speed hit Aura Pro in the new Taylormade R7 Limited 9.5* and just smoked it!!


The color coded shaft coupled with a very reasonable price (in many cases under $50), makes it a no-brainer for the price conscience golfer looking to take the guesswork out of shaft fitting. Graphite Design also has one of the best customer service of all shaft makers.


Probably still unproven from the standpoint of the sheer numbers that play the shaft.

Overall Rating-

As mentioned, in this economy, many golfers are turning to cost effective means to updating their golf equipment but still demanding good value and performance. The Graphite Design Aura meets all of the criteria – performance, ease of fitting and cost effectiveness. Try out the Aura and see if it fits your game.