Graphite Design Throttle Shaft

Graphite Design Throttle Shaft Review

The Graphite Design is a long-hitters dream, designed for a low-piercing trajectory – read our review of the Graphite Design Throttle shaft.

My rating: 4.0 stars


A true power-hitting shaft, the Graphite Design Throttle began making its way into mainstream recently.  The Throttle Tour AD is 47″ shaft with an extremely low-spin, high kick point, designed for stronger players looking for that low, piercing trajectory.

Designed around the Material Stiffness Integration, MSI technology concept, the Throttle is a formidable shaft for the power hitter.  MSI is a proprietary system which Graphite Design uses to design most all its golf shafts. The MSI concept is one of which combines different materials with varied stiffness and fiber volume that the claim is that it provides for the best golf shafts with low vibration providing an ultimate “feel”golf shaft.

The thought here is that the stiffness of the shaft fibers have an impact to what degree vibration is transmitted and felt up the shaft.  The special resin acts like a sponge to absorb the vibration – the end result is an exceptional shaft known for feel and control.

Graphite Design made a slight play on names using Flex to identify the Throttle models – Turbo (Regular), Super (Stiff), Nitrous (Extra Stiff) and Methane (Double Extra Stiff).

Actual Player Feedback-

“for you who are looking for lowering & flattening your ball flight with less spin, this shaft will definitely do the job beautifully”

“as far as dispersion it is very tight with pop at the end”

“this is a great product to try for those who need low spin but don’t want to be swinging a board”


The Throttle are for those looking for a low launch, low spin shaft with known tight dispersions.


Certainly not for everyone and in fact I would venture to say it is a shaft for the few – players that go after the ball.

Overall Rating-

An excellent shaft for power hitter. If you don’t have a swing speed higher than 85 or 90 mph (and probably higher), you are probably best to look elsewhere.  The Graphite Design Throttle shaft is definitely geared for power hitters – low torque, low spin and tight dispersion rates make this a long hitters dream shaft.

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