Aldila VS Proto Overview/Technology-

The Aldila VS Proto features Aldila’s exclusive Next-Generation Micro Laminate Technology (MLT), Carbon Nano Tubes combined with a propriety A65 performance resin system. In addition, the straight tapered tooling of the VS Proto eliminates “dead zones” found in the majority of shafts today. The claim by Aldila, is that the patented features allow for an unparalleled performance and power. Because of the high modulus graphite fibers found in the shaft, the responsiveness and feel is unmatched.

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Player Profile-

Definitely geared to the stronger player looking for optimal ball trajectory, feel and consistent flex. The shaft has been extremely popular on the PGA and Nationwide tours.

Notables that Play the Aldila NV shaft-

Pretty good company – Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy, Heath Slocum for starters.


Stiff tip offers the low piercing launch the better players strive for, this makes the shaft a favorite amongst not only PGA players but accomplished recreational players. The Micro Laminate Technology provides power and consistency throughout making it a very accommodating shaft for the better player.

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Very few if any. But I do want to throw out the caveat for certain shafts – if are not higher skilled player, you probably want to pass up this shaft. The VS Proto is geared for the stronger player. Even though it may have a slightly higher trajectory than the NV, the low torque is appreciable. If your club head speed is not fast enough, it will zap your yardage.

Player Comments-

“Long, straight and very workable”

“Very solid shaft. Launches the ball higher than VS Proto ByYou or NV but still achieves the good roll out at the end”

“Easy to to flight lower, if desired”

Overall Review Rating-

Aldila certainly pulled out a win with the VS Proto. It is a permanent fixture on the PGA and Nationwide Tours. It continues to grow in popularity with the recreational player as well. If you are an accomplished player looking for optimal ball flight, you owe it to yourself to check out the Aldila VS Proto before your next shaft upgrade.

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Aldila VS Proto Shaft Specs-

F Tip Diameter Butt Torque Launch Wgt Length Trim

VS Proto 60

X .335/.350 .625 3.2 Low-Mid 64g 46″-3.0″ F
S .335/.350 .625 3.2 Low-Mid 63g 46″-3.0″ F
R .335/.350 .625 3.2 Low-Mid 62g 46″-3.0″ F

VS Proto 70

X .335/.350 .625 2.8 Low-Mid 71g 46″-3.0″ F
S .335/.350 .625 2.8 Low-Mid 70g 46″-3.0″ F
R .335/.350 .620 2.8 Low-Mid 70g 46″-3.0″ F

VS Proto 80

X .335/.350 .625 2.2 Low-Mid 84g 46″-3.0″ F
S .335/.350 .625 2.2 Low-Mid 83g 46″-3.0″ F
R .335/.350 .620 2.2 Low-Mid 83g 46″-3.0″ F

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