Aldila NVS

Aldila NVS


In past reviews, Aldila has a good representation of shaft, mainly for the accomplished player. The Aldila NVS is a shaft that could benefit not only the better player but the recreational player. The NVS has a slightly higher launch than the NV. But more importantly for the recreational player, the NVS has a more responsive tip; this in turn causes the higher launch and increased distance.

The NVS features Micro Laminate Technology which provides great consistency. This same technology that is found in the NV is present in the NVS but with a more responsive tip for golfers seeking a higher ball flight.

Actual Player Feedback-

“I can feel the club head”

“I have found this to be a very crisp and snappy shaft — responsive and definitely not boardy”

“one of my favorite shafts. i’ve tried hundreds of shafts”


A very responsive shaft that will provide a higher launch and subsequently, more distance. Also, the NVS is a reasonably priced shaft.


Probably not for the heavy hitter with higher ball speed. The higher Torque readings will probably negate the responsiveness found in the shaft for the long ball hitter.

Overall Rating-

The Aldila NVS is a superb shaft, especially for the high ball launch seeker. The responsiveness of this shaft is definitely a plus for anyone seeking distance in a package. In addition, the shaft is very reasonably priced making this shaft more attractive for golfers seeking performance but not willing to take out a 2nd mortgage in the process.