Our review today is delving into somewhat more reclusive territory – hybrid shaft. And the UST IROD is a good place to start.

The IROD got its start as the world’s first hybrid golf shaft series, designed specifically for today’s hybrid clubs. This shaft series popularity began to take shape, especially amongst tour players and serious amateurs. Today, the shaft is no doubt, amongst the elite hybrid shafts.

So makes the IROD special? UST has definitely corned the hybrid shaft market putting a ton of time and money into their R&D and it shows.

Interlinked Carbon is used to prevent shaft deformation, commonly seen in driver shafts. This provides shot-making ability and confidence soaring, from the tee and the fairway. Interlinked Carbon is a 3K weave material used to create strength.

Performance-Driven Tip Sections in each IROD model – designed to complement and maximize shot performance. This shaft is designed to give you consistency, accuracy and launch for the ultimate in control.

The UST IROD shafts are available for fairway woods and hybrids.

Actual Player Feedback-

“I install nothing but UST IROD Shafts on all the hybrids I assemble”

“The Irod S shaft is just right, more penetrating flight and provides good feedback when you hit”

“I highly recommend this shaft”


As mentioned, UST has taken the hybrid shaft technology to a new level. Really nobody matches this shaft in a hybrid or fairway wood for that matter, in our opinion.


None really.

Overall Rating-

If you are looking to re-shaft or upgrade your fairway or hybrid clubs, you definitely need to try the UST IROD hybrid shaft. This shaft is in a class of its own – super-responsive carbon creates a strength in the shaft to promote a higher launch angle, a perfect fit for utility clubs.