The new and improved Titleist AP2 irons have etched a solid niche amongst mid-handicappers that feel they are ready for players irons.  Building upon the technology design of the original AP, Titleist did not want to reinvent the wheel, they kept steadfast and were content on continually improving a good thing.  The AP2 is made for the low to mid handicapper ready to move up to a higher level iron, but yet still needs forgiveness to make up for more mis-hits.  In in our review of the AP1 last May, it is obvious Titleist is making progress in swaying the biggest market in golf, the mid-handicapper, to give the AP2 a try.


This is where the AP2 shines.  The new Tuned Feel System is a co-molded medallion of soft elastomer and aluminum plate. This insert has been specifically designed to improve the sound and feel of each new iron. For the new AP2, a softer, more solid feel is achieved.  The end result is an iron that has extraordinary feel and maximum performance.

Titleist AP2 Specs-

AP2 Offset Bounce Loft Length Lie Swingweight
3 Iron .160″ 21° 39.00″ 60° D2
4 Iron .145″ 24° 38.50″ 61° D2
5 Iron .130″ 27° 38.00″ 62° D2
6 Iron .120″ 31° 37.50″ 62.5° D2
7 Iron .110″ 35° 37.00″ 63° D2
8 Iron .100″ 39° 36.50″ 63.5° D2
9 Iron .090″ 43° 36.00″ 64° D2
P .085″ 47° 35.75″ 64° D2
W .080″ 51° 35.50″ 64° D2

Actual Player Feedback-

“I have been a life-long Callaway irons player, until now. I started the season with the Callaway RAZR X Forged, and while I liked them, I was not crazy about the Project X Flighted shafts”

“If you want the best set of irons then AP2s are what you looking for. And I highly recommend them with Project X shafts as well”

“I’ve gained almost 10 yards per iron over my old titleist 990s and I find these clubs easier to draw/fade as well”


[review pros=”The Titleist technology is one of the best in the business.  The duel-cavity design pushes weight to the outside of the forged clubhead for better stability.” cons=”Titleist prices have always dissuaded many from trying their irons.” score=99.6]


If you are a mid-handicapper ready to move up, and are tired of the clunky casted iron but yet still need a measure of forgiveness, you owe it to yourself to give the new Titleist AP2 irons a try.  The stability and feel will definitely bring you back for more.