Cobra has taken a new direction with their irons, or at least they have significantly improved them combining three technologies centered around providing golfers with a superb all-around performance iron.  The new Cobra S3 irons is gaining steam after making the Golf Digest Gold Hot List for 2011′.

“The S3 irons are all about better performance through technology. Our new E9 Face Technology provides the distance, feel and forgiveness golfers want from every one of their irons.” – Ryan Roach, Principal Design Lead Engineer of Cobra.


The three major technologies that make up the Cobra S3:

Cobra S3 E9 Technology

Figure 1 :: Cobra S3 E9 Face Technology

E9 Face Technology

An advanced technology that enlarges the sweet spot.  The E9 Face Technology incorporates a multi-material design, which combines the desired all-around performance by optimizing every iron in the set, not just a few.  The E9 Face Technology is new system that creates a larger than average sweet spot (as indicted in the Figure 1, that produces a substantial increase and distance while keeping accuracy in check.

Multi-Material Construction

Consists of optimizing weight distribution and dampening vibration through a full cavity TPU (theroplastic urethane), adding yet another element of feel and distance.

Stepped Crescent Sole Design

superior turf interaction is attained through a mid-width sole which narrows in the tow and heel, also promotes distance and accuracy.  Sounding like a broken record here…

Cobra S3 Specs-

Model Loft Length Lie Swing Weight
R,S / Lite
Stock Flex
3 19.0º 39.25″ 60.5º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH
4 22.0º 38.75″ 61.0º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
5 25.0º 38.25″ 61.5º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
6 28.0º 37.75″ 62.0º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
7 31.0º 37.25″ 62.5º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
8 35.0º 36.75″ 63.0º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
9 39.0º 36.25″ 63.5º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
PW 44.0º 36.00″ 64.0º D3 / D2 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
GW 49.0º 35.75″ 64.5º D5 / D4 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
SW 54.0º 35.50″ 64.5º D5 / D4 R, S, Lite / R, S RH/LH
LW 59.0º 35.50″ 64.5º D5 / D4 R, S, Lite / R, S RH

Cobra S3 Irons Video-

Actual Player Feedback-

“The ball shoots up in the air and hangs forever”

“high handicappers are going to love these”

“they’re so confidence-inspiring”

[review pros=”Three solid new technologies in play here will make the S3 fly high in 2011.  This iron is custom-made for the mid to high handicapper looking for a solid game-improvement iron through distance and control.  The stepped sole design fits this iron perfectly – helps prevents the club from twisting and sliding in grass.  We like the two stock shaft selections Cobra made with this one – Aldila NV-3 graphite and the Nippon NS Pro 1030H steel.”  cons=”Game-improvement irons should use hybrid irons for 3, 4, and maybe even 5.”    score=99.7]


Obviously geared for the masses, the Cobra S3 should do very well in 2011.  There are no glaring negatives with this iron, nothing but solid technology, which has become synonymous with Cobra.

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