General Information-

The new Cleveland CG16 design and focus is on delivering maximum distance, due primarily to the weight (lightness) and longer stock shaft.  A forgiving iron with emphasis on increased distance through moderate club-head speeds, makes the CG16 a prime candidate for low to mid handicappers.

“The large, thin face allows for increased COR and maximum ball speed that will produce distance that competes with any iron set in the market – but with increased control.” – Cleveland Golf

Key Technologies that make the CG16 work-

  • 10% lower CG (Center of Gravity).
  • 75% deeper deeper than traditional blade.
  • large, thin face that increases ball speed up to 2 mph.
  • Laser milled, rough-textured face to increase spin rates.

cleveland cg16 groovesDistance and Control-

As mentioned, the CG16 strength lies in the design.  Exceptionally light at 85 grams, as opposed to a normal 110 gram, shaft, makes increase swing speed and cutting through rough, like slicing through butter.

Feel and Playability-

Very easy to swing that produces high ball flights that stay put fairly easily with the laser-milled.  Additionally, the heavy sole provides ability to get through rough very easily.

Cleveland CG16 Specs-

Iron Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Offset
Steel Graphite Steel Graphite
*3 19.00° 60.00° 39.75″ 40.00″ D3 D2 .240″
*4 21.00° 60.75° 39.125″ 39.375″ D3 D2 .210″
*5 24.00° 61.50° 38.50″ 38.75″ D3 D2 .180″
*6 27.00° 62.25° 37.875″ 38.125″ D3 D2 .160″
*7 31.00° 63.00° 37.25″ 37.50″ D3 D2 .140″
*8 35.00° 63.50° 36.75″ 37.00″ D3 D2 .120″
*9 39.00° 64.00° 36.25″ 36.50″ D3 D2 .105″
*PW 44.00° 64.50° 35.75″ 36.00″ D4 D3 .090″

Cleveland CG16 Video-

Player Feedback from the Trenches-

“I love the dark finish and the single white groove on the bottom for alignment”

“I tried the graphite shaft, and it felt amazing-“

“Forgiving, powerful, lightweight club is a good fit for mid-handicappers with more moderate clubhead speeds”

[review pros=”The Cleveland CG16 irons will provide distance and forgiveness, no doubt about that.  Lighter clubs plus forgiveness equals performance for the mid-handicapper.” cons=”We said it before and we’ll say it again, not a fan of adding length to shafts.  Does it provide more distance, sure.  But at what expense?  Would have like to seen more shaft options.  Black Pearl finish has been reported to wear fairly quickly…”  score=99.0]


If you are looking for distance and forgiveness built into a club, you’ll want to try out the Cleveland CG16 irons. The CG16 irons are lighter than the average iron, that provide longer results, largely to the stronger lofts. The Center of Gravity (CG) provides 10% lower and 75% deeper than blades that equate to higher shots with drastically increased forgiveness. The CG16 comes in both Black Pearl and Satin Chrome finish.