When Titleist introduced the predecessor of the 909, die hard Titleist fans were definitely excited and convinced this one will be even better.  They were right.  The new Titleist 910 driver is a definite upgrade to the 909 and we’ll cover a few reasons why.

Titleist goal for the 910 was simple.  Improve the overall product performance from the 909.  Specifically, they wanted to add the SureFit Tour hosel technology to be able to more precisely fit golfers for metal woods, along with improving speed which ultimately delivers performance in terms of distance.

Titleist delivered more performance by providing a fast face insert design and stability by utilizing weight distribution improvements made to the crown and rear bezel weight.

The PGA tour players took it to task in 2010′ with a combined 100+ players transitioning to the 910!  This ultra quick gravitation proved unprecedented in Titleist history and they knew this driver would be something special.  Certainly not a small feat, considering Titleist is one of the premier golf manufacturers, especially on the PGA Tour.

The Titleist 910 comes in in two models, the D2 and D3.  The base performance metrics are the same as the 909.  That is, the 910D2 is the larger of the two, coming in at the conventional (modern day) 460cc’s.  The 910D3 is the smaller coming in at 445cc’s and provides a deep face which provides shot and trajectory control.

Titleist 910 Video Review-

Actual Player Feedback-

“Just put this in my bag and played two rounds with it. The adjustable settings on the head/shaft connector are seriously noticeable for shotmaking”

“Great driver, added extra yards and carry with the shaft and has a great sound off the face”

“Drives were consistently 10 yards longer. I went from driving the Ball from 280 to 290-300 !!!!!! AWESOME Club”

[review pros=”Titleist has done it again… the new 910 seems to follow in the footsteps and surpassing the 909 in terms of delivering performance.  The new Sure-Fit will draw attention with their tour-van-in-a-hosel because its design was inspired by the bending, shafting and weighting of metals that used to occur only within our tour vans.  This driver promises to be another very strong contender for Titleist.” cons=”As in prior models of Titleist drivers, this one is not for everyone.  They tend to favor the better player.” score=99.7]

Overall Rating-

It’s going to be tough to improve on near perfection, but it looks like Titleist managed to pull out another one!  The Titleist 910 D2 and D3 drivers are going to be the benchmark for the “better players” driver in 2011′, one that is only attained by releasing cutting edge technology and quality workmanship.  Look out for updates on the 910 as the official release in November of 2010′ nears – we will be adding Actual Player Feedback as they come in.