We’ve been busy with the Tom Wishon guest posting Q&A postings.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the 50 Q&A Compilation, please do so.  Some good stuff!

Anyway, getting back to the business at hand and what we do best, reviews!  And tonight is a good one.  The Callaway Diablo Edge Tour is certainly not a new driver, but definitely should be on the short list for some!

Callaway fused four pieces of titanium (crown, skirt/sole, internal weight and cupface), to create a head that is downright explosive!  In addition, Callaway engineers added a acid chemical reduction process used to form the variable thicknesses of the face, making this a very, very aerodynamic driver.

Don’t get me wrong though, this driver is not for everyone.  Even though Callaway took many of the gems from the Big Bertha lineage and, most will like the looks and address of this driver, higher handicappers would be better suited to the standard version of the Diablo, or even the new Diablo Octane.

Actual Feedback-

“The shape of it is very nice and is one of the best looking heads on a driver in my opinion. I really was looking for a driver that would look, feel, sound good and this one has done it. I have finally found a driver after hitting about 8-10 different ones and mixing up the shaft combinations in the drivers trying to get everything just right”

“I had a Diablo Draw and the Diablo Edge has improved my driving overnight. The absence of the draw biased face allows me to set up more consistently and my slice has been greatly reduced”

[review pros=”Definitely the four piece construction has captivated the audience. The new Callaway cupface is the most carefully calibrated to date.” cons=”Again, this is not a driver for the masses.  Most likely the mid to higher handicappers will benefit from a more “playable” standard version.” score=99.6]

Overall Rating-

The Callaway Diablo Edge Tour driver may not be for everyone, but it will capture the hearts of many.  This is a driver worth checking out.  I’m not sure what Callaway’s plan is for 2011′ season, but even if they do nothing and simply bring it back as is, it’ll compete with new ones.