The new Callaway Diablo Octane has officially arrived with a vengeance replacing the immensely popular 2010 Callaway flagship.  If the new Diablo has any semblance of the older one, we are in for exciting times.   And from all indications, it will be a formidable upgrade and up to the task.

So let’s cover some of the highlights of the new Diablo.  First, the Octane generates more clubhead speed by forming 10 million individual turbostratic carbon fibers.  In fact, the new Octane has generated results to match, adding 8 yards off the tee compared to the Diablo Edge!

In addition to the lighter framework, the Hyperbolic Face Technology produces consistency that is absolutely ridiculous.  High ball speeds fly across the face by using a chemical reduction process.  This isn’t necessarily anything new, but the technology works… pure and simple.

Actual Player Feedback-

Too early — stay tuned for player feedback.

[review pros=”Callaway has come out with not only a suitable replacement, it has blown away many of its competitors with their new technology.  Adding the new turbostratic carbon fibers technology to increase clubhead speed is a brilliant move by Callaway.  Excellent shaft options including the new Project X Graphite that is sure to please the ardent golfers in 2011′. ” cons=”Too early to tell how this driver will perform, nevertheless, another great product by Callaway.” score=99.8]

Overall Rating-

Had a hard time coming up with anything negative to say about the new Callaway Daiblo Octane.  The great technology ported over from the Diablo Edge to the Diablo Octane, coupled with an impressive list of new ones, will prove without a doubt this driver will make some heads turn in 2011.