Ball flight customization is the highlight of the new Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track driver.  Fresh materials that provide a keen ball flight are the key elements to yet another “players” driver from Mizuno.  The MP-630 offers multiple trajectory settings through the use of two adjustable 8-gram weights.

The head features a sliding weight in the sole that you can adjust up to 45 positions.  These drivers are becoming so technologically advanced, with so many options, we are going to need a psychiatrist just to go the tee box every Saturday morning!  Oh well, what’s a guy to do?

The MP-630 face is made from a Ti-9 titanium alloy that ultimately allowed the engineers to increase the “springlike” effect.

Video review of the Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track:

MP-630 Specs

Club LH Loft ° Lie ° Offset “ Bounce ° Length “
9.5 N/A 9.5 58 n/a N/A 45.00
10.5 N/A 10.5 58 n/a N/A 45.00

Actual Player Feedback-

“This is the best driver I have ever hit”

“I was using a R5 TM and I only hit like 200yds, now im using this MP 630 Fast track Driver and it gives me 35yds more..sweet sound and very playable!”

“I have now played two rounds and haven’t hit a bad drive yet!”

[review pros=”Mizuno has built its reputation on being a manufacturer of equipment for better players.  However, the MP-630 Fast Track is in fact, made for a slightly more variety skill level of players.  The smart face technology allows players of all abilities to work the ball.” cons=”That said, if you need a stronger loft than 10.5, you are best to look at other drivers.” score=99.3]

Overall Rating-

If you are looking for a high-tech driver with a superb ball flight and ability to work the ball, the Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track should be on the short list.  Blessed with sliding weight in the sole and ability to move it in 45 positions, this driver is built for performance.

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