It is sad to reveal that there are still golf players who don’t believe in the benefits of custom fitting golf clubs. Some goes for a specific golf brand while some goes for what their favorite player uses. Well, we can’t actually blame them if they don’t have the full understanding of it. This article is specifically written to inform the general readers and encourage golf enthusiasts to try playing with custom golf clubs especially golf shafts. Your golf game will surely be more fun and exciting if your golf shafts are custom fitted. Here is why.

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The last remaining uncharted territory for golf equipment and the main barrier to successful clubfitting is undoubtedly the golf shaft. It’s a subject of great interest, widely discussed by golfers, but one which is surrounded by controversy, myths

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Ladies Golf Club Shaft Length – Fitting Tips. Take any of your clubs and address the ball. Does your stance and posture feel comfortable? Or are you just used to standing that way since you’ve had your clubs for a long time? Let’s experiment

Golf equipment isn’t cheap. So, if you are buying a golf set anyway, why not get into custom fitting golf clubs? Why not get your golf shafts fitted also? You can find many scientific explanations over the Internet as to why custom fitting is beneficial for golf players. There are also many testimonies by prominent golfers about how their golf performances changed when they got their equipment custom fitted. Or, why not try it yourself and personally experience the difference custom fitting golf clubs can bring into next round in the golf course.