One of the most important components in a golf club is the shaft. A perfectly fitted shaft, achieved through custom fitting golf clubs, allows the golfer to deliver optimum golf swings in the course. It maximizes your full potential to hit the ball to the farthest distance you can achieve. You will also notice that the golf ball is stricken in a straighter direction using a custom fitted shaft compared to using a generic golf shaft bought off the rack. These are just few observations when using customized golf set. To learn more, continue to read on.

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I have had a lot of questions about clubs lately and the most important question that people don’t seem that interested in is the shaft. The shaft and getting the correct fit to your swing is the most important part of the club.

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How Should a Golfer Select the Right Shaft for His/Her Swing? One of the most common posts I see on GolfWRX is when one golfer asks other golfers for a shaft recommendation. These posts seldom say anything about a

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And, club fitting must include their golf shafts. Having the perfect shaft that matches the golfer’s swing is very critical for his performance in the game. This article provides golfers with tips on how he can find the perfect shaft that

Having read the articles given above, we can now conclude that a club fitting session with a trusted custom club maker is worth your time and money. The fun and excitement of hitting the balls consistently during every golf swing, recording lower golf scores as you improve on your skills, is something always worth your investment.  Golfers are urged to undergo club fitting and experience the difference that custom fitted golf clubs make in a golf game.