If there is a part of the golf club that is seldom given attention during custom fitting, it could be the golf shaft. There are actually no given standards that define what must be the specifications of a golf shaft and shaft flex. However, golf shafts play a very important role in improving the skills of a golf player. To discuss what golf shaft fitting is and the role it plays in a golfer’s game, the following articles are provided.

Video Part 6 ” How To Install A Golf Ferrule and … – Hireko Golf Blog

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Contents of this sixth video will demonstrate how to install a basic golf club ferrule as well as epoxy the golf shaft onto a golf clubhead. In this segment, we are going to use a golf ferrule installation tool to get the ferrule started.

Miyazaki Golf Shafts – The Future of shaft fitting | Custom Golf Trader

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Miyazaki Golf shafts. Changing the way golf shafts are fitted. International Flex Code people, International Flex Code. Miyazaki prototypes are in for review, video coming soon…

When finding your next set of custom golf clubs, do not neglect to include your golf shafts during the search. Visit a professional club fitter and express your need for golf shaft specifications that will help you deliver a great performance in the golf course. Do not ever leave the golf shop without finding the best golf shafts fitted for your new golf clubs.