Golf experience in the past decade has been totally influenced and changed as technology continued to develop. Custom golf clubs and improved golf balls are now within reach of every golfer. Another advancement that happened in the golf industry was the introduction of modern shafts. Golf shafts are now lighter and stronger compared to its previous generations. They are now also customizable depending on the golfer’s swing characteristics. But, readers may be wondering how necessary golf shaft fitting is. The following are what you need to know about golf shafts and its fitting.

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This is the the first in a series of posts related to the whole topic of shaft fitting and the challenges facing club fitters. It highlights the lack of For example we could say our new shaft has the latest revolutionary META composite technology. Without this type of information we as clubfitters have to start with a blank sheet learning from our own fitting experiences by a process of trial and error testing. Conclusion We’ll talk about more shaft fitting challenges in Part 2. so stay tuned.

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How Should a Golfer Select the Right Shaft for His/Her Swing? One of the most common posts I see on GolfWRX is when one golfer asks other golfers for a shaft recommendation. These posts seldom say anything about a

More and more golf lovers have embraced the advantages of playing with custom fitted golf shafts. Golfers who had their golf clubs custom fitted also go for shaft fitting for more challenging golf games. The cost it takes to customize golf shafts all turn out to prove its worth giving optimum results in every game. Golf players who have experienced playing with fitted shafts enjoyed their every round on the greens.