If you are not hitting your driver right, then you may need to get your golf clubs custom fitted. Golf lovers will surely enjoy the sport more if they are fitted with their equipment. The loop holes in your swing will be solved, your skills will be strengthened, and you can record better scores simply by playing with the right equipment. The following are the experiences of other golfers on how custom golf clubs worked for them. Hear their stories.

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Titleist Fitting Centre ReviewSt Ives Golf Club, Cambridgeshire. Recently I decided to put a little money aside to save for some custom fitted Titleist Irons, Wedges, and Woods. This is my review of the events leading up to the

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But in the meantime, many have asked me about the actual process of the club fitting. Was it hi-tech? Did they video your swing? Did they measure your swing speed? Did they hook you up to computers? Well, the answer to

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But get the gist of it in this video by master clubmaker Tom Wishon in our article, How Custom Golf Club Fitting Can Measurably Improve Your Game. It’s very eye-opening! As I mentioned in my last article, golftec performance center My GolfTec Club Fitting Experience. First, my coach did some measurements. The hand was …. Refresh. golfdash: Sean Foley #1 Swing Tip in the video section at GolfDashBloghttp://t.co/5TUzO1myS2 · 18 hours ago from HootSuite

If there is a sport wherein the player depends heavily on how good his equipment is, it is golf. Good golf equipment, however, does not denote a specific brand or price range. Golf equipment becomes the best if it fits the player’s requirements. Just how custom club fitting worked for the golfers who shared their stories above, it will also work wonders for you. Get fitted and experience the difference golf club fitting can bring to your game.