A new TaylorMade R9 irons has promised to be a significant announcement to their iron family.  TaylorMade understands that the bulk of their business originates from the better player looking to improve.  And that’s why the R9 iron has been accepted and classified as the new coming – a thin faced game-improvement irons designed to increase ball speed and distance.  Staffed with a straight forward, tear drop shape face, definitely provides for a nice look and feel at address.

The 3 iron through the 6 iron features a foam filled chamber behind the club face that allowed the designers to produce an ultra thin face.  What does this do?  A thinner face allows an overall weight reduction which equates to higher ball speeds and better distance.  To top it off, the face uses the R9 inverted technology to expand the hottest area on the club face.  The end result – one hot iron that is pure innovation!  In fact, this iron earned Golf Digest Gold award as the most innovative game improvement iron for 2010.

TaylorMade R9 Specs-

Club Length     Loft    Lie     Offset

3        39.00     20.0   61.0     5.5
4       38.50      22.0   61.5     5.0
5       38.00      25.0   62.0     4.5
6       37.50      28.0   62.5     4.0
7       36.00      32.0   63.0     3.5
8       36.50      36.0  63.5      3.0
9       36.00      41.0  64.0      2.5
PW    35.75      46.0  64.5      2.0

Actual Player Feedback-

“I really like the traditional looking cavity”

“This is a winner”


Again, TaylorMade makes golf clubs for the avid, recreational player looking to “get better” and we feel the R9 is another winner in the long line winners.  The straight forward tear drop shape appeals to the eye at address and the shaft option is an outright winner – your choice of the up and coming KBS steel shaft or the Motore graphite.


Very little – 2 degree loft difference between the 3 and 4 irons if you classify this as an actual drawback.

Overall Rating-

This will be a winner for TaylorMade.  The established inverted cone technology present in the R9 driver was transitioned nicely into this iron. The TaylorMade R9 Irons are another one to put on your short list to try this Spring/Summer.