Ping unveiled the G15 model this year and so far the response has been extremely positive.  The new Ping G15 irons is part of the clamour made by golfing enthusiasts that claim this iron to be a very good addition to an already popular trademark.

The Ping G15 touts a much thinner face augmented with a wider sole that make this iron “a really easy club to swing.”  This attribute alone is worth gold to the golfer struggling with irons or simply trying to improve his iron play.

A reshaped custom tuning port that is repositioned to the perimeter increases the club stability.

Ping G15 Spec Sheet-

Club Length Loft Lie Offset Bounce Swing Wgt
3 38.75″ 20.0° 59.25° .32″ -2.0° D0
4 38.25″ 23.0° 60.00° .30″ 0.0° D0
5 37.75″ 26.0° 60.75° .28″ 2.0° D0
6 37.25″ 29.0° 61.50° .26″ 4.0° D0
7 36.75″ 32.0° 62.25° .24″ 6.0° D0
8 36.25″ 36.0° 63.00° .22″ 8.0° D0
9 35.75″ 40.0° 63.75° .20″ 9.0° D0
PW 35.50″ 45.0° 64.00° .18″ 10.0° D2
UW 35.50″ 50.0° 64.00° .15″ 11.0° D2
SW 35.25″ 54.0° 64.25° .13″ 12.0° D4
LW 35.00″ 58.0° 64.50° .10″ 12.0° D6

Actual Player Feedback-

“It’s the most forgiving thing I’ve tried”

“It has a high trajectory this type of iron demands”

“I’ve hit good shots with other clubs, but with this I’m hitting exceptional shots”

[review pros=”The biggest positive is also one that is ground-breaking – the wider sole puts this iron on auto-pilot. The G15 also has stronger lofts over its predecessor (G10) which adds distance but not at the expense of control and spin.” cons=”The wider sole does definitely gives it a look of a game improvement iron. But if you can get past this minor detail, you’ll find it extremely forgiving, playable and most likely become your best friend.” score=99.2]

Overall Rating-

We put the new Ping G15 irons at the top of its class.  The thinner face coupled with the ground breaking wider sole, make this a match made in heaven for the golfer seeking distance and control.

The new Ping G15 promises to give the avid but game improving golfer, a highlight reel for 2010′.  The iron has all the markings of a game improvement iron that is ready for prime time.