Our Rating: 5.0 stars


Well, we are long over due for another Adams review, and we couldn’t have picked a better game-improvement candidate in the Adams Idea A7 irons for the latest.  The Idea A7 burst onto the scene this year with major reviewers, such as Golf Digest picking this iron as one to put on your short list.

The Idea A7 set starts the long irons out with a 3 and 4 hybrid, replacing the standard iron.  It then proceeds to a 5 iron that is flat and hollow faced and finishing with cavity back middle and short irons making this a perfectly balanced iron set for players looking to use a new set of irons to improve in the new year.

The common theme on the Idea A7 is that Adams did an exceptional job of “hiding” the fact that they are in fact, game improvement iron set.

Adams Idea A7 Specs-

Model Loft Lie Length SW (G) SW (S) Hand Flex Bounce
3 Hybrid 19º 59º 40” D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
4 Hybrid 22º 59.75º 39.25” D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
5 Mid-Iron 25º 60.5º 38.5” D0 D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
6 29º 61.5º 37.875” D0 D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
7 33º 62º 37.25” D0 D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
8 37º 62.5º 36.625” D0 D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
9 41º 63º 36” D0 D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
PW 45º 63.5º 35.75” D0 D2 R L A, R, S, X NA
GW 50º 63.75º 35.5” D0 D2 R L A, R, S, X
SW 55º 64º 35.25” D1 D3 R L A, R, S, X 12º
LW 60º 64º 35.25” D1 D3 R L A, R, S, X

Actual Player Feedback-

“A crisp sound”

“I was shocked to see they were game improvement clubs.  There aren’t any wild angles”

The A7 irons are a perfect mix of hybrid and iron design”


Were do we start?  Adams has always had the average golfer in mind when designing new models and the Idea A7 is no exception.  Replacing the 3 and 4 iron should be standard for golfers trying to improve their game.  The 5 iron is hard enough to hit and by adding the flat and hollow faced, makes it much easier to get airborne.  When it comes to integrating a full set of irons golfers can actually use, nobody does it better than Adams.


Probably not suited for the better player, but anyone with a 10 handicap and above should definitely look at this iron set.

Overall Rating-

Again, Adams is the leader for the mid to high handicapper.  The Adams A7 Irons are definitely the cream of the crop in 2010′.

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