The new Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Forged irons has produced a lot of talk, and most of it has been high praise.

The new Diablo is a premium forged iron that offers supreme quality and stellar craftsmanship to an already hugely popular model.  Designed for the better player seeking playability and performance with a more traditional iron.  This iron is already well known for producing increased distance while not compromising control, something all players looking for improvement are seeking.

The Callaway Diablo feature a soft 1020 carbon steel body, a high-strength Carpenter Steel face which is behind the added distance and accuracy.  But what sets the Callaway Diablo iron apart from its competitors is the Center of Gravity (CG).  A full 40 percent lower and 46 percent deeper CG than the Callaway X forged model affords the Diablo a penetrating ball flight.  CG coupled with a “hot” lightweight face allows 23 grams of weight to be moved to the perimeter to counter those dreaded mis-hits.

Actual Player Feedback-

“A crisp sound”

“I was shocked to see they were game-improvement clubs.


The forged clubface provides a nice soft feel even though Carpenter steel is the main component.  In addition, having a the great Nippon NS Pro 1100 as the staple and engine of the iron makes the Callaway Diablo an outright winner for 2010.


Callaway R&D is second to none.  But a heavy dose of R&D comes a with a higher price tag.

Also, additional shaft offerings might be nice – Nippon is a top-rate iron shaft, one of the best, but it would be nice to have a few more shaft options to a upper scale iron.

Overall Rating-

Top notch product release from Callaway.  The Callaway Diablo Iron forged irons will make its mark this year, 2010.  The penetrating ball flight this iron produces coupled with its game-improvement characteristics will be a huge draw for a large golf contingent ready for an iron that will produce unparalled distance and accuracy.

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