TaylorMade has become synonymous with high tech, quality golf equipment.  They have arguably been the largest presence in the golf manufacturer arena in the past decade.  The new TaylorMade R11 is without a question, another stellar driver, slated for 2/4/2011 release.


The movable weights of the trailblazer R7 coupled with the adjustable hosel from the R9, has been joined… TM raised it one.  The rotating sole plate is what separates the men from the boys.  The role of the sole plate is to independently changes the driver face angle by as much as 48 settings!  The end result?  The adjustments in the loft and lie from the hosel do not affect the appearance at address.

The driver definitely touts a new look: a satin white finish, along with the black face.  This creates an appreciable contrast between face and crown to help you align the club more easily.  The white finish is also meant to reduce “hot spots,” a common byproduct is glare.  It’s definitely a nice, nice looking driver by all standards.

Quick Video on TaylorMade R11-

Another great video on the fitting of the R11:

Player Feedback-

“It’s ahead of the curve visually.  They tried something different and it works….”

“The adjustibility is complex but not complicated.  The soleplate is idiot-proof”

“It’s easy to work this club any way I want, and the distance is superb”

TaylorMade R11 Specs

FLEX Light/Senior, Regular, Stiff
HAND Left, Right
LOFT 10.5 °, 9 °
MODEL Taylormade R11
GRIP Taylormade 360

[review pros=”Distance is ultimate goal with the R11 and by adjusting the driver to the player swing with advanced technology at the forefront.  Even though this has become standard with the massively marketed drivers, the R11 comes with a good many custom shaft options including the Fujikura Motore, Aldila VooDoo, Matrix, and more!” cons=”Even with the launch adjustments, this driver is still geared for the better player.” score=99.7]


It looks like TaylorMade has delivered big time with the new R11 driver.  The customized approach to driver is here to stay.  The movable weights, adjustable hosel, and rotating sole plate has all but confirmed TaylorMade’s approach to the game – deliver a quality product with an emphasis on staying ahead of the competition when it comes to technology.  The new TaylorMade R11 makes good in all of these categories.  It’s still early in the game so keep this page bookmarked and we will give you latest on the review.