The Nike VR Pro and Nike VR Pro Tour driver is Nike’s new brainchild with a big push to tour level shot-shaping and control.  The VR Pro’s mantra is “lets you imagine more. Imagine more options for more distance on more shots.”


Four piece titanium forging along with a thin crown to save weight makes the VR Pro a beauty to behold.  The hosel features 32 adjustable settings that let’s you target almost any imaginable shot.  The variable thickness cupface improves off-center hits with a greater degree of accuracy than other drivers.  The ultimate in tech talk is the “Compression Channel,” which is supposed to equate to more ball speed for both on-center and off-center hits.

Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5.

Nike VR Pro Driver Video-

Actual Player Feedback-

“Look works for everyone…sound and feel are powerful”

“A sweet hit is almost hydraulic, hang time is awesome…”

“The look is much more traditional”

“If Tiger puts this in the bag, he might find his game again”

[review pros=”The adjustability of this driver is incredible, albeit more appreciated by the better player for shot-shaping.  The new look should fit most golfers.  The sole channel a new technology that is keen on increasing ball speed… a good concept.  Lastly, including the new Project X Graphite is certainly no slouch.”  cons=”It’s still early, but the major driver manufacturers seem to be fiddling with the shaft length.  This one is 45 3/4 which may affect some used to 46, it remains to be seen.  Additionally, it seems many golfers do not yet consider Nike a major player in the driver industry.  This should not be a problem for the marketing mogul Nike, but nevertheless, will be interesting to see if they can push this driver on the same scale as the TaylorMade and Callaway.”    score=99.5]


No doubt that the new Nike VR Pro and Nike VR Pro Tour driver will gain some traction.  All of this technology bundled in one driver will make many golfers salivate come spring!