The new Nike SQ and SQ2 Machspeed Black came out with a much improved driver from last year.  The new version comes in a choice of round or square.  Overall, the bigger sweet spot gives golfers a sense of confidence along with elevated performance.

Nike SQ and SQ2 Machspeed Black Technology-

Nike has always been into aerodynamics, and the new Machspeed is no exception, and then some.  Starting with the tapered heel geometry and toe-side Nike power bow design, sets this driver apart from others as it relates to swing speed at the start of your swing.  But as speed increases, so does drag force and this is where the technology shines.  Nikes Powerbow technology coupled with Sole Diffuser keep the air flow smooth and closer to the club-head, significantly reducing drag by most standards.  Lastly, the STR8-Fit technology to offer up 8 different club head positions.

Nike SQ and SQ2 Machspeed Black Specs-

The driver comes in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5 (high launch).

Nike SQ and SQ2 Video-

Actual Player Feedback-

“This club was the easiest to hit, lighter and straighter. I averaged 330 on this club and the rest didn’t make it past 270”

“I got this club after trying it in the store and all i can say is WOW! I especially like the STR8-FIT it cured most of my left misses”

“i would suggest anyone looking to improve where they are hitting their second shot from this is the club for you… i usually shot in 80-90 range and i look to hit the high 70’s mark soon using this from the tee..”

[review pros=”Nike hit the head square on the nail with the new and improved Machspeed Black… or should I say round?  Either way, this driver definitely improves your swing speed. ” cons=”Nike may have gone too far with the size of the STR8 hosel collar.” score=99.7]


Overall, another great driver for Nike.  The Nike SQ and SQ2 Machspeed Black is a fantastic driver for golfers looking to add distance to their game.  Even though it did not make Golf Digest’s Gold category, we think it’s one of the clear winners for the class of 2011′.