Cleveland’s second generation of lightweight drivers has arrived with overall very good results and feedback.  The new Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series driver offers the XL, SL, and TL Series sure to fit almost any type of golfer and swing… which is Cleveland’s goal.


Just to give you an idea how light the new Launcher is, the new 2011′ 270 gram version is a full 25 grams lighter than last year’s Launcher DST!  Lighter drivers and shafts are definitely the hot technology and concept right now.  When you can develop the technology to withstand the torque and power of the average swing and still produce lighter and lighter materials, the end result will be increased ball speed, power, distance and ultimately control will be an added bonus.  Just how light we’ll go will depend on the results from the current generation.

Launcher XL270

Considered to be one of the lightest driver in golf today.  The XL270 has been engineered with one thing in mind – maximum head speed while maintaining the forgiveness attribute Cleveland is known for.  The XL270 comes equipped with one of the hottest golf shafts on the PGA Tour, the Miyazaki Kua 39 Series.

Launcher XL 270 Draw

The same characteristics of the XL270 Draw apply as the XL270, only with a draw bias of 2 degrees closed.  This provides the average golfer a straighter ball flight for the unwarranted fade or slice.

Launcher SL 290

Similar to the XL270 with a slightly shorter stock shaft than the XL (46.25 vs. 45.75) and slightly of 20 grams heavier.  Nevertheless, the SL290 still comes in 25 grams lighter than the majority of the drivers on the market today.  Also comes equipped with the Miyazaki C. Kua 43 gram shaft.

Launcher TL 310

Made for more for the tour-caliber players.  One of the lightest drivers on tour with the intent to deliver faster ball speeds while still allowing the workability feature, a must-have on tour.

Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series Video-

Actual Player Feedback-

“I know this is lightweight, but I could feel the clubhead the whole time.  Toe hits really flew…”

“This club definitely corrects a slicer’s swing”

“The clubhead has a nice, traditional teardrop shape, but its bigger than usual”

[review pros=”Lightweight drivers are definitely coming of age and for good reason, the lighter weights will produce much faster ball speeds and longer results.  The Miyazaki shaft as a stock option is a definite plus!”  cons=”Along with the lighter weight driver concept came the longer driver shaft, which we totally disagree with.  The average player should be using shorter shafts not longer.  This is only our opinion of course, but the longer shaft will negate the power you gain and replace it with a much more difficult swing to manage, which is counter intuitive to Cleveland’s goal with this release… they seem to be pushing the limit with the 46.25 inch shaft.”    score=99.4]


Overall, we like the new Cleveland Launcher Ultralite driver series.  Most players will find the less weight to ultimately increase distance.  The only “beef” we have is adding length to the stock shaft, which I hope golfers will decide against.

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