The Ping K15 is not considered a household name by any stretch, but is one of the top-rated power-house drivers for 2011.  The look is massive and elongated, which promotes confidence and the visual aid on the crown has been met with rave reviews.


SFT [Straight Flight Technology] is the hidden treasure behind the K15.  SFT positions 10% of the heads mass toward the heel… did you hear [read] what I just said?!  10 percent of the mass – that will launch a torpedo straight off a crocked launch pad for God’s sake!  This technology allows you to square at impact so much easier and has been met with a accolades across the board by many testers.

“Even poor shots are playable, coming to rest near the fairway” – Mark Barrette

The straighter ball flight is made possible by promoting more face rotation.

The clubface is longer toe to heel than the ever-popular G15.  This does a number of things including a big-time increase in ball-speed, something all amateurs drool over.

Ping K15 Specs-

Loft Length Offset Lie Weight Swing Wgt
9.5° 45.75″ No 58.0° 204g D3
10.5° 45.75″ No 58.0° 204g D3
12.0° 45.75″ No 58.0° 204g D3

Ping K15 Videos-

Actual Feedback-

“Yes, the club is straight and yes the club is long. However, what makes this club so special is the awesome setup and forgiveness”

“I’ve had this club for 3 months. It is a great club. I hit it 20+ yards farther then my prior driver”

“Here’s my advice. sell the house. sell the wife and sell the kids, if you are a mid to high handicapper get this Driver. By the way did I mention that it’s straight as an arrow”

[review pros=”SRT Technology and the 10% weight shift is what makes this driver for the masses.  Distance, accuracy and forgiveness is the common theme in testing the Ping K15 driver.” cons=”some testers thought it was a bit too loud… but it’s all good.”  score=99.7]


The Ping K15 driver combines a large 460 cc profile with a longer heel to toe. The design keenly positions the COG [Center of Gravity] low and away resulting in high launch and low spin. Another way of putting it is that it launches rockets!  Combined with the SRT technology, this driver is an outright winner.