Mizuno has a long-standing history of producing solid irons for the better than average to advanced player.  The Mizuno JPX-800 is definitely for the serious-minded golfer, with a slightly different angle.  The JPX-800 is geared for the mid to high-handicapper looking to improve.  The sister model Mizuno JPX-800 however, rings true to its long-standing heritage, minimizing offset to produce a more traditional Mizuno iron.


The explosive distance achieved by the JPX-800 is done through combing MAX COR Technology, face construction, Hot Metal, and an exotic pocket cavity.  Worried about how this iron performs in various lies?  Well you can stop worrying… being able to hit the JPX-800 from various lies seems to be one of its core strengths.  This is done by using a triple-cut sole which provides versatility that vastly improves ball contact.

Mizuno MPX-800 Iron Specs-

    Club LH Loft ° Lie ° Offset “ Bounce ° Length “
    4 Yes 22 60 0.209 2 38.25
    5 Yes 25 60.5 0.197 2 37.75
    6 Yes 28 61 0.185 2 37.25
    7 Yes 32 61.5 0.173 3 36.75
    8 Yes 36 62 0.161 4 36.25
    9 Yes 40 62.5 0.142 5 35.75
    PW Yes 44 63 0.122 6 35.5
    GW Yes 49 63 0.122 7 35.25
    SW Yes 55 63 0.102 12 35.25

Mizuno JPX-800 Video-

Actual Player Feedback-

“The JPX has a large face that inspires confidence at address”

“The offset is small for a game improvement iron (much less than my FT’s)”

“Bad swings produce bad shots so the JPX’s are not going to send me to the Champions Tour to take on Freddie, but good swings are 7 to 10 yards longer than my Burners, have a higher trajectory, and for the most part are as forgiving”

[review pros=”The Mizuno JPX-800 iron is all about game improvement for the mid handicapper through producing consistent ball flight using MAX-COR technology.  Set out as a Game-Improvement iron, this is certainly one to watch and one to try.” cons=”Designed for the average player, this one may scare off better players used to Mizuno blades.  But don’t discount the JPX-800 Pro version”  score=99.1]


We are classifying the Mizuno JPX-800 as, well sort of a sleeper.  Very nice irons, nice lines, and great performance.  It may not sit well for the better player, but will fit well into a large group of serious players not quite ready for prime time looking to improve.