One of the things the Mitsubishi Bassara shaft possesses is a softer blend profile – a more moderate torque rating than the Tour intended Diamana Series as well as three different weights makes this shaft a perfect fit for the recreational player. This smooth and stable shaft provides the average player a godsend and the ultimate in workability otherwise not available to them.

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The Bassara provides a higher trajectory, higher ball speed that equates to more distance. The goals of 99% of the golfers playing the game today.

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Mitsubishi Bassara Specs-

Comes in three weights, 63g, 73g, and 83g. Torque readings, 3.6 ~ 3.9 with a Mid Flex/Bend Point profile. Flexes include X, S, R (L 63g only).


A perfect shaft for the recreational player seeking distance and a “feel” component that otherwise alludes them when settling for a more tour-type shaft.


By the same token, the reason it fits a large majority of golfers with the higher torque package may find the better player with a higher swing/ball speeds looking elsewhere. Although this shaft may fit a wide variety of players, the better player may find the torque of 3.6 ~ 3.9 too high.

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Overall Rating-

A great shaft for the recreational player seeking ball speed and distance. The Mitsubishi Bassara provides workability for the recreation player not found in tighter torque shafts. This shaft will no doubt help many players with a generous blend of torque and lighter weights.